reasons for snoring

5 Reasons for Snoring When Sleeping

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Reasons for snoring can be triggered for some causes. One of them is the congestion and irritation. These two problems are the common cause for snoring for some people because this problem comes from the nose and throat. Since snoring is coming from the air stuck in the throat and causing some noisy and vibration, it will lead to a bad quality sleep. The congestion can be treated by having a better rest. If you take a rest for a while, it will let your irritated nose get a better rest as well. It will help you to breathe better and also reduce the snoring problem.

Reasons for Snoring In Adults

Reasons for snoring
Reasons for snoring

The reasons for snoring for some adults sometimes are more dangerous than only a sleep disrupted. This obstructive sleep is often bothering for some people because it interrupts their sleep. It can appear frequently at night or just occasionally. The condition of sleep apnea level will also affect this snoring. Not only it affects the snoring frequent, but also it affects another risk of symptoms. It is such as obesity, cardiovascular diseases, high blood pressure, and another cognitive problems.

This snoring problem is not the new issue. Up to today, there are 37 million adults get snoring regularly.  This is the fact that adults will experience snoring more than others. This also will lead to the unharmonious married because couple will sometimes feel disturb with the snoring habit. The report said that almost 25% of married couple are sleeping in different room or separately because the habit of this loud snoring. For some people, snoring is another sleep song, but for some others snoring will really disturbing. And sometimes it is more serious than other diseases and need a special treatment for eliminate it.

How to Not Snore While Sleeping

There are some ways to not snore when you are sleeping. There may be many reasons for snoring during sleep, but you also can try one of these strategies. If it is failed or does not work on you, you can try another strategy. The lists below are what you can try to minimize and even eliminate snoring.

Use Decongestant Spray. You can try decongestant spray to easily reduce the congestion and mucus in your nasal passages. This spray will be narrowing the blood vessels and help you reducing snoring.

Use Nasal Wash. The use of nasal wash or saline spray is also effective to minimizing snoring. You can use whether neti pot or nasal spray that contains the distilled and salinized water. It will quickly debris and clear the clog passages and minimize the internal tissue size. This is only the matter of cleaning your nasal passages.

Dilate Nasal Passages Externally. You can put strips all along your nose and it will help to open your nasal passages while you are sleeping. You can use Breath Right which is one of the best and popular nasal dilator. Many researchers report that this kind of treatment is able to reduce the intensity and frequency of snoring at night.

Another best nasal dilator is Thrivent. This dilator is also proven in scientific research and also effective in reducing snoring. This dilator works by using the breathing to help the users get the normal breathe during the sleeping time. It helps the airway to be opened when you are sleeping by giving a positive expiratory for airway pressure. So, your inhale and exhale can be more natural.

Dilate Nasal Passage Internally.  Besides externally way, you can also try to dilate your nasal passage internally. There are some nasal dilators that is built to use internally. This dilator is working well to eliminate snoring as well as congestion. This dilator is a form of cone or stent that can be placed inside your nostril while you are sleeping.  It may be a bit disturbing at first, but the next try will be just so-so for you.

A Mouth Guard. Using a mouth guard can be the best choice also. Mouth guard will also help you to reduce snoring. This mouth guard will work by moving your lower jaw smoothly and keep your tongue down. This way will help the airway to open when you are sleeping. Before you decide to buy a mouth guard, you can consider few things. You can choose the mouth guard with the bite mold and a boil because this model can be fit enough for your mouth. You also need to choose the movable one so it can adjust your jaw and your tongue in right size and position.

Reasons for snoring now is less than you imagine. If it is a symptom, you can go to doctor and get regular check up to avoid the more dangerous symptom affecting by snoring.