How Does an Anti Snoring Chin Strap Work?

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An anti snoring chin strap works by keeping the mouth closed during sleep. The snoring sound occurs when the air flows through the mouth, hits the back of the tongue, and causes a fast vibration. When this device is wrapped around the chin, the lower jaw will be locked, so that you’re forced to breathe through the nose. This could prevent the rapid flapping of the tongue and soft palate. As a result, the snoring sound will not happen.


Snoring doesn’t always stem from something serious. The treatment options for this condition are also varied. If you’d rather a non-invasive approach, this could be an option. An anti snoring chin strap looks like any other band except it is designed to fit the contour of your face. Unlike an anti snoring mouthpiece, you don’t need to put it inside the mouth. It’s only for external use, so it can reduce unnecessary discomfort like jaw pain.

Anti Snoring Chin Strap


These chin straps may not work for everyone. Knowing how they work is important before you decide to get one yourself. The way it’s shaped makes it hard to breathe through the mouth. We know that the mouth is not supposed to be the primary respiratory organ (since nasal breathing is better), but there are times when we need to breathe through the passageway, like when we’re catching a cold or a runny nose.

Do they work?

There are different causes of snoring. Those that breathe through the mouth will benefit from these devices the most. Wearing this strap will put your mandibular in place, so it doesn’t allow air to come into the mouth. It can also be used together with a mouthpiece although this combination could feel uncomfortable.

Wearing a mouthpiece is already a struggle for some because it feels like there’s something big getting stuck inside the mouth. A chin strap will only add extra tightness. But if one device is effective enough, using multiple may not be necessary.

Choosing an anti snoring chin strap

Not all products are equal. Some have particular designs that make them superior than the others. If you feel confused with the broad range of choices, stick to well-known brands. Their products have gone through rigid clinical tests to provide the best efficacy to their users. We also suggest you read reviews from those who’ve had first-hand experiences with these products.

Top-rated products mean that they receive rave reviews from customers. They would probably make you another happy customer. Some of them are pricey, but price should be your last concern in getting a quality product. Choosing the wrong product may cause future problems like jaw pain.