Different Types of Anti Snoring Devices

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Snoring is a common condition, which is why many people don’t really care when they have it. We don’t usually realize when we snore. It’s people around us who would hear the noise and complain about it. If your snoring starts bothering other people in the house, it’s probably better that you seek treatment. One of the treatments available for this condition is anti snoring devices. They come in various forms, such as nose clips, straps, and mouthpieces.

Anti snoring nose vents

These vents dilate your nostrils. This way, the air can pass through them more easily. Those suffering from mild snoring would benefit from these devices. They could also be helpful at times when your breathing airways get block like during nasal congestion.

Anti Snoring Device

Each product is made of a different material. If quality is your primary concern, then don’t hesitate to spend more on a product. A quality nose vent should be made of a lightweight and durable material. Size also matters. Choosing a small one would make it hard to stay firmly in the nostrils.

Anti snoring mouthpieces

If the previous device is supposed to be placed in the nostrils, an anti snoring mouthpiece should be put in the mouth. It works by keeping your jaw in place as well as securing the tongue so that it doesn’t collapse and cause a vibration. After wearing this device, your symptoms will improve and you’ll be able to breathe smoothly again.

These devices are typically made of plastic. Although everyone can use them, those with no weight issues are likely to benefit from them more. If your snoring has to do with your unhealthy weight, then the best way to solve the issue is by achieving a weight that’s close to ideal BMI. Otherwise, the problem may persist even after you wear this device.

Some mouthpieces are ready-made, while others are custom made. The latter requires you to consult your dentist first. He will then create a mouthpiece based on your needs. Custom mouthpieces typically cost more, but they’re worth having.

Anti snoring chin straps

These are arguably the least intrusive form of treatment for snoring, although wearing one could also cause discomfort. How does it work? An anti snoring chin strap keeps your lower jaw in its natural position. It also closes your mouth thanks to the tight and flexible material used. One of reasons why people snore is because they breathe through their mouths. Breathing this way has a greater likelihood to cause snoring. So if you’re a mouth breather, you will benefit a lot from wearing this device.