Anti Snoring Mouthguards Give Immediate Results

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An anti-snoring mouthguard can help reduce the frequency of snoring. Snoring has a few different causes. It’s often related to poor lifestyle choices. One of the examples is obesity. Obesity is often associated with snoring because extra fat deposits especially around the neck area can narrow down the breathing airway, which results in a stronger vibration as the air passes through it.

The vibration is what we hear as snoring. Sleeping on your back may also cause this issue because in this sleep position, the muscles in the throat tend to relax, which also causes a vibration. In many cases, changing these poor lifestyles is enough to get rid of snoring.

Anti Snoring

Anti snoring mouthguards

Anti snoring mouthguards are among the least invasive techniques to treat snoring. You can try this if other natural approaches like losing weight didn’t seem to work. If the problem isn’t so severe, you should try this instead of undergoing surgery or trying another potent alternative. Chin straps are another example of non invasive treatment. You just need to put a strap around the chin to stop the snoring.


If you want to know how these devices work, they basically work by bringing the jaw forward. Since it’s attached directly to the tongue, pushing it forward will ensure that the tongue doesn’t collapse into the back of the throat. This will reduce its chance of blocking this airway. When the breathing airway is clear of any blockage, there is no vibration that will be created. As a result, there won’t be snore.

These devices come as a standard fit. There are also custom made versions if you will. The custom ones are typically more expensive as they’re made to suit the needs of the user. Apart from being non-invasive, these mouthguards also don’t use batteries, so you can carry them wherever you go.

Side effects

Of course, anti-snoring mouthguards aren’t free of side effects. Fortunately, they are usually mild. Most people only complain about the discomfort these have caused after use. Others said that they had jaw pain after prolonged use.

If the pain doesn’t go away after using it for a few days, then it’s better to stop it and seek another alternative. Oftentimes, the pain is just temporary because the mouth is trying to get used to the design of the device. It will subside gradually as the mouth has been accustomed to being stretched by it.


These mouthpieces come in adjustable and non-adjustable varieties. Adjustable ones provide more comfort as they can be tailored to the needs. The other type may cost lower due to the restriction in terms of adjustment. Besides, it also doesn’t feel that comfortable to wear.