Be Careful Dealing with Baby Runny Nose

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Baby runny nose needs to be addressed quickly as the nasal congestion may make him feel uncomfortable. The discharge dripping from his nose is probably caused by an allergic reaction or another reason.


There are several causes of a runny nose in babies. The first one is allergies. When the trigger is an allergen, the condition might be accompanied by sneezing and itching. It may also be caused by exposure to cold weather. If there has been constant temperature drops recently, they may be the reason behind your baby’s runny nose. To solve it, all you have to do is keep him warm. Raise the room temperature with the air conditioner or another device.

Baby Runny Nose

If it’s a common cold, then please check his body temperature. One of the common symptoms is fever. Swap across his forehead and see if he’s catching a fever. If so, it’s probably the cause of his runny nose. Whatever the reason might be, it’s not advised to self-diagnose because you can be wrong. Just take him to the doctor in order to get a proper diagnosis.


Don’t give medicine before talking to your pediatrician first. Babies don’t have developed immune system, so they may not be able to tolerate the chemicals in medicine that well. Adults can easily buy over-the-counter antihistamines to deal with their runny nose. However, you should be concerned about the side effects when they’re used for a baby.

Home remedies

There are a few things you can do to relieve the symptoms. First, you need to constantly drain the mucus by pressing on his nostrils. Don’t let the passages become clogged because he will have trouble breathing. Don’t forget to wash your hands because babies are susceptible to infection. They are still building their immune system against pathogens.

Second, make sure he is hydrated. It’s hard to tell if a baby has drunk enough liquid because he can’t talk yet. However, you can learn from his body language. When he cries, there is a chance that he’s thirsty. Give him milk or water right away. As a parent, it can be frustrating to see our beloved child looking agitated. However, you still need to react with common sense.

Don’t give runny nose treatment you saw on the internet especially if that doesn’t make sense. If it still feels right and not harmful in any way, then you can try it. But if the safety is questionable, you should just take him to a pediatrician. Another remedy that’s considered safe is a warm bath. This will be helpful especially for a runny nose caused by cold weather.