What is the Best Medicine for Stuffy Nose?

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What is the best medicine for stuffy nose? We react differently to chemicals in a drug, so the best drug for someone may not be the best for the others. However, you can use drugs that are commonly prescribed for this specific condition. Here are some of them:


The first generation of antihistamines is sedating, while the second generation is not. These drugs are effective for treating conditions caused by allergic reactions. They work by preventing histamine from getting attached to H1 the cellular receptor. There are differences between the first and second generations.

Best Medicine for Stuffy Nose

The first generation has the ability to interfere with the work of the nervous system. Therefore, people who take drugs that belong to this generation need to be cautious especially when they take them before driving because one of the side effects is drowsiness. Another potential side effect is trouble urinating especially to men who’ve had an enlarged prostate to begin with.


Decongestants are another type of drug that doctors commonly prescribe to treat a stuffy nose. They work by constricting the blood vessels in the nose, resulting in opened nasal passages. As the blockage is cleared, you will be able to breathe normally again. They come in the form of nasal sprays and pills. There are also decongestant nose drops if you will. However, you should be careful with the use as they may cause dependence.

Decongestant nasal sprays can provide fast relief, but long-term use may reduce their efficacy and cause the body to build dependence. As a result, the problem will come back once you stop the use. Also, it’s important to pay attention to the side effects, such as throat irritation and burning sensation. Serious side effects usually don’t come up as long as they’re taken in the recommended doses.

Anti-inflammatory drugs

During a stuffy nose, the sinuses become inflamed. These drugs can alleviate the symptoms of inflammation. They are also effective for treating a common cold and allergies. They are available over the counter, meaning that no prescription is needed to buy them. Although they are easy to come by, you should take them at the recommended dosage.

While anti-inflammatory drugs can provide quick relief, they may not solve the underlying issue. For this reason, use them only for short-term. You still need to consult your doctor in order to find out what has caused your stuffy nose.

Don’t just rely on drugs to treat your stuffy nose. Stay hydrated because adequate water intake can also speed up the recovery. Water is one of the most important components of the body, so you need to ensure that the body isn’t deprived of it by drinking enough while sick.