Bose Sleepbuds Block Annoyance During Sleep

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Bose Sleepbuds are a pair of noise-cancelling buds that you would need for having a good night’s sleep. It’s different from the technologies embedded in its headphones. These earbuds work by masking sounds that could potentially ruin your sleep.


These buds have a very comfy design that will fit in your ears. They’re made of a soft-touch material, which reduces the risk of skin irritation. Besides, they’re also lightweight, weighing just 1.4 gr. Despite being very compact, they may not provide comfort to every user. Those who can’t stay still while sleeping are likely to feel the presence of these buds in their ears.

Bose Sleepbuds

While they could be slightly uncomfortable, you will get used to it over time. They come with a magnetic carry case that looks well-designed and adds extra charm to the pair. For charging, you just need to put the buds back into their slots. You will also spot 5 led lights across the bottom.


Setting up is easy as the user just needs to download the App on iOS or aNdroid. The app is called the Bose Sleep. It offers a selection of 10 different sounds in which you can play during sleep. There are the sounds of shower, campfire, to name a few, so you can choose according to the taste. They help provide relaxation in different ways.

The app also allows you to set an alarm just in case you need to be reminded of planned activities. Unfortunately, that’s all these earbuds can do. Well, they are called sleepbuds for a reason. There is no option to play music, only the preinstalled sounds that you can hear through them.


Bose sleepbuds will be helpful if your insomnia has to do with living near a busy road. Even those with no sleep problems can constantly wake up when they hear blaring noise at night. These buds promise 16 hours of use in a single charge.

Since we normally sleep around 8 to 9 hours each night, this device will ensure you can make it through the night without disturbance. So, are they value for money? For the price point, some would say they’re pretty expensive especially with the lack of additional features. But for those desperate to have a sound sleep, they are still a worthy investment.

Features aside, the build quality is astounding. They are soft to touch and fit any hear. However, the user experience may vary among users. Those who don’t move around that much wouldn’t have problem wearing these buds. Those who are the opposite can probably feel being tugged while asleep.