Causes Of Sleep Paralysis

Causes Of Sleep Paralysis You Should Know And Understand

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What are the causes of sleep paralysis? Maybe, some of you don’t have problems with this sleep disorder. Paralysis sleep is the disability of someone to move while sleeping or compiling. All of you who face the problem, probably will face trouble sleep. They are such as difficult sleep, problems to move limbs, unable to speak and others. How to solve this problem? Please note that sleep paralysis doesn’t attack all people. It usually attacks patients who are sleeping soundly.

Then what is exactly the causes of sleep paralysis? For more details, see the following review of sleep paralysis problem which is available with how to treat it.

Sleep Paralysis Symptoms You Must Know

Talking about what causes sleep paralysis symptoms is a bit complicating. Actually, It is scientifically still not able to identify concretely. But, now there are several theories that explain the reasons why a person can experience sleep paralysis. The first symptom that commonly sufferers felt is the shorter sleep than usual REM sleep period. We can also interpret the condition when people get this sleep disorder. It shows a condition where the brain is still sleeping but the body wants to wake up.

According to polysomnographic studies show that irregular sleep patterns can also be a trigger. It is the reason why someone experiences sleep paralysis problems. The following lists are common symptoms that someone who experiences sleep paralysis usually feel, here you go!

  • Difficulty in breathing deeply
  • You can’t move or open your eyes
  • You’re easy to experience hallucinations or feel someone is with him
  • You’re Often feeling scared
  • Feelings like suffocating
  • Occurs in the duration of a few seconds to minutes
  • Experience partial or complete muscle paralysis in a short time
  • Feeling confused
  • very easy and weak

Causes Of Sleep Paralysis Attack

Did you know that there are several Causes Of Sleep Paralysis Attack? The experts have identified some of these factors. Some of these factors include,

  1. Insomnia or lack of sleep
  2. Irregular sleep schedules
  3. Sleep in the supine position
  4. Stress
  5. Using stimulus too often,
  6. Physical fatigue
  7. Use of drugs, etc.

Sleep Paralysis Treatment

Do you often experience sleep paralysis problems? Do not confused. There are some treatments that you can do so that you don’t experience sleep paralysis again. Here are some things you can do to avoid sleep paralysis. These are the lists:

  • Improve sleep habits, which are around 6 to 8 hours every night
  • Treat other sleep disorders such as leg cramps or narcolepsy
  • Eat one bowl of warm soup before going to bed
  • Sleep on your side
  • Perform regular exercise habits
  • Use aromatherapy to relieve stress quickly
  • Take supplements especially for people with insomnia, etc.

Then, is sleep paralysis frightening? Actually, sleep paralysis is not a problem to be afraid of if you are soon to deal it. All people believe that some of the methods mentioned above are able to overcome sleep paralysis problems easily and quickly. For those of you who want to avoid sleep paralysis, there are several ways or precautions you can take.

To minimize sleep disturbances, you should begin to improve your sleep schedule and to improve sleep quality. Other activities you can do to increase the quantity of sleep is adjusting sleeping position, consuming healthy supplements and others. That was a bit of information about the problem of sleep paralysis along with how to overcome it. Hopefully the information above about causes of sleep paralysis is useful and it also helps you.