Chronic Insomnia

How to Deal with Chronic Insomnia

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Chronic insomnia comes from the common insomnia disorder in which a person cannot fall asleep. Many people experience this sleep disorder and sometimes they don’t think it will get serious. Most of the insomnia people will get sleep no more than 7 hours in a day. It will actually affect their life and health.

The chronic insomnia is the improvement of the common insomnia. If they cannot sleep and stay awake all the night, chronic insomnia is worse. It will come constantly during a week like 3 days in a row and it lasts more than one month. Usually, people who experience chronic insomnia cannot get a good sleep for 3 months. This will be so bothering because if it lasts months and months without treatment. It can also decrease the quality of life.

Chronic Insomnia Types

Generally, there are two kinds of chronic insomnia. The first is the primary chronic insomnia. This insomnia is the one that occurs because of the use of medication. People with insomnia tend to try any drug to help them sleep. However, if there is no suggestion from the doctor, the medication will be useless and rather harmful.

Some people think chronic insomnia is usually rather simple to treat than any other sleep disorder. But the fact show that for the secondary chronic insomnia, it has a complex symptoms. The symptoms occur because of many factors like trauma, stress, lifestyle, and some health problems.

The chronic insomnia will give many signs for body. It doesn’t only interfere the night sleep, but also the daily activity. In a daytime, people with chronic insomnia will get sleepiness and even grogginess.

Chronic insomnia causes by emotional problem, the symptom is also mood swinging, depression, and also memory loss. The mental health problem is the main cause of this illness. The difficulties in sleeping and always waking up in the night are the sign of depression.

Panic attack and trauma give another great risk for insomnia as well. Anxiety is the common mental health problem. Some people also try to find out the way how to deal with insomnia due to anxiety. People with anxiety have bigger chance to get insomnia. If it doesn’t treat early, this can lead to another health problem.

How Do You Know If You Have Chronic Insomnia?

How do you know if you have insomnia is easy to figure out. If you have some symptoms like waking up too early, cannot fall asleep, difficult to return sleep. Or waking up in the night, irritability, mood changes, daytime sleepiness, and difficult to concentrate. The difference between insomnia and apnea is that sleep apnea can be the cause of insomnia but insomnia cannot.

There are many ways to treat and cure insomnia. Even though this doesn’t look like another common illness, it bothers people so much. When you can cure your stomachache, headache, and another illness with pill and medicine, insomnia is different. It is true if a sleeping pill can help people with insomnia. But the most effective cure for insomnia is relaxation and therapy. Biofeedback therapy and cognitive therapy are the best way for chronic insomnia. Another way is to have aromatherapy. This will make them relaxed and enjoy.

Chronic insomnia is the best way to stop with stimulus control using therapy. The therapy section will require 6 weeks. The therapy has a good progress when it is done by the sleep psychologist. Usually, they will have one session for every week to simulate the insomnia. Some people also use online workshop to have the therapy session or even jus with a guide book.