Chronic Sinusitis, When Sinusitis is Persistent

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Sinusitis can go on its own even without proper treatment especially when the trigger is an allergen. Once the allergen has disappeared, the illness will also clear up eventually. However, there are some cases where sinusitis lasts for weeks or even months. This is when the problem is considered chronic. If you have chronic sinusitis, what is the treatment?

Characteristics of chronic sinusitis

Unlike acute sinusitis, chronic sinusitis may not have one single cause. It could be a combination of several things that trigger this response from the body. For this reason, a single treatment will probably not work. It requires a different approach which combines different therapies. For example, someone can have it due to having an anatomical issue. He could also have an allergy which further worsens the symptoms.

chronic sinusitis


Chronic sinusitis could be treated when the causes have been identified. As said before, it could result from several things that occur at the same time. The doctor will try to examine them and provide suitable treatment for each one of the causes. For instance, if the patient has an allergy, he will prescribe a nasal spray to help relieve the symptoms. If necessary, the patient would also receive a few allergy shots depending on the severity of the case.

And then, in case the disease persists due to an infection caused by resistant bacteria, the doctor may give a few courses of antibiotics. Painkillers can also be described especially if you feel so much pain. Ibuprofen is effective enough to manage the pain. Another available treatment is surgery although the doctor may suggest it later when other methods have failed to provide promising results.


A neti poti works for acute sinusitis, but it could be beneficial for this condition as well. The neti poti helps clear debris and other particles out of the sinuses. If the issue results from an allergic reaction, removing the tiny particles that have caused it is a good solution.

Although effective, you still need to use it properly. Find instructions on how to use this device to drain sinus cavities. Another thing that might work is rebuilding microbiome in the sinuses. Antibiotics are often described to treat this chronic condition if there is an infection. These medications can start to work as fast as 2 or 3 days after consumption.

However, taking antibiotics for recurring sinusitis may end up with some strains developing resistance. The idea behind building microbiome is that the bad bacteria can be prevented from causing an infection. You can consult your doctor about types of good bacteria ideal for the sinuses.