Chronic sleep Deprivation

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Chronic sleep deprivation is your enemy. Avoid it then become a friend with your bed. Most people need 6 until 8 hours of sleep night. Some may be able to function on less and some may be need more than that. But the important is the quality of sleep.

What is chronic sleep deprivation

Chronic sleep deprivation is also known as insufficient sleep that not having enough sleep. The sleeping time is less of quality even taking more than 8 hours at night. It makes a short life. Sleep is another food for your body. People should consume it in enough portion.

Loss sleep gives people disadvantage life. There is a good opportunity that make you suffer from a sleep disorder. However, how to know if you got sleep deprivation is need an attention. It better that you take a consultation with your doctor. Another way, taking short course in internet should help you to know your sleeping problem.

The symptoms of chronic sleep deprivation

The general symptoms are you feel tired easily and continuously, difficult to concentrate, hallucinations, unstable mood, slurred speech, irritability, paranoid, fatigue, memory problem, increasing appetite, episodes of confusion, importance and reduced sexual drive.

The degree of the symptom depends on your sleep time. Spending more awake than sleeping brings you to the worse symptom and effect. For example, today you spend 4 hours for sleep, then continue to some days later. The first day awake, nothing worse happen. The worse symptom appears on the next day that getting danger.

the intensity of the symptom in sleep deprivation also different depend on your circadian clock. Mostly people getting symptom intensity during sleeping time that should naturally in night sleep. However, it is possible that appear in cardinal sleep dips, such as in the early to mid-afternoon.

The causes of chronic sleep deprivation

Your busy daily activities bring you to the whole of work. You have limitation of sleep time. The goal of life survival forces people running to fulfill all necessary that lead you become workaholic. It becomes the most common cause of lake of sleep. 

Insomnia is also one of the cause of chronic sleep deprivation. Difficulty to get a sleep makes you loss your sleep. The others factors are work hard, study, environment and sleeping habit, short-term illness, doing over on favorite activity such as watching drama or movie, and over thinking of something. When our mind full of thinking that urgently or importantly minded, it can make someone hard to sleep.

How to avoid chronic sleep deprivation

The problem should be solved immediately. Chronic sleep deprivation is the most likely to contribute to the suppression of the system. Not only disturb your activity or your memory, there are many danger effects of having not enough sleep. Such as emotional health. Having late night, sometime make you notice how everything seems to bother you when you are tired.

The other effect cause weight gain. Sleep late trigger more your appetite. At the late night, eating more food while working become a bad habit. It should be avoid immediately. Here are the way how to avoid chronic sleep deprivation.

  1. Setting time for sleep. It better that you sleep before 9 pm then wake up early.
  2. Having exercise or work out 30 minutes at least everyday
  3. Avoid alcohol 2 hours before sleep
  4. Avoid your gadget before sleep
  5. Stop eating before sleep. This is one of the way how to avoid chronic sleep deprivation cause weight gain. 

The chronic sleep deprivation is most likely to contribute to the suppression of the system your brain. It is easy to avoid sleep deprivation when you know your life priority. Irish proverb said that a good laugh and a long sleep are the two best cures for everything.