Cognitive Behavioral Therapy For Insomnia

Best Therapy You Must Try, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy For Insomnia

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Try cognitive behavioral therapy for insomnia to make you fall a sleep easily at night. Did you ever feel insomnia in your life? Or you may feel recently or currently? Don’t be hopeless. There are many ways to solve this problem. Of course, most of you have known about insomnia.

Yes, this condition is very spoiling your life because you can’t have good sleep every night. Then the following day you will become less productive than before. How can you tell if you have insomnia? You should know that every disease must have reason. Similar to insomnia, it won’t come to your life if you live the healthy life.

How do you know if you have insomnia? People with insomnia problem will get some sleep disorders which sometimes make frustrating. What are they? They are such as difficult to fall asleep, often waking up during sleeping in the night, often waking up in the early morning, and feeling tired the whole day. With these disorders, people may feel very upset if it comes many times.

So, how to solve it? You can do CBT or cognitive behavioral therapy. It is one of the best therapies for solving insomnia. What is this actually? To know more about it, see the following information about cognitive behavioral therapy for insomnia below!

What Is CBT For?

Some of you may haven’t understood well about this therapy. This therapy will help you to change your habit and thinking which decrease your sleep ability. In the other side, it will also help supporting healthy life to you then, you will be easy to fall asleep. What is the goal oc this therapy? The goal is to help you develop healthy life style and change every habit and thinking which make you difficult in sleep. the sufferer will write all problems of sleep for Overcoming insomnia a cognitive behavioral therapy approach workbook.

The Steps to Do CBT to Treat Insomnia

There are several steps to do CBT for insomnia sufferer. These steps are a method to solve sleep disorder like insomnia. To know more how this is, check the steps below or read!

1. Stimulus Control Therapy

Which of the following solutions will help overcome insomnia? you can do stimulus control therapy. The goal of this method is to make you get positive response during night sleeping. In this method, the doctor will teach you how to control thinking in order to associated bed room only for sleeping activity. Some activities in bed room which are actually not good is playing phone, watching TV, reading, or others. The main of this method goal is to ask the sufferer only focus to sleep when they’re on the bed. The doctor will also teach you to immediately sleep when you feel sleepy, not to deny.

2. Restriction Sleep Therapy

In this therapy, the doctor will train you to have sleep only for 5 duration every night. Why not 7 hours? The goal of this method is that you will feel sleepy with short duration sleep. Then, you will be easy to fall asleep. After several times, the sleep cycle of yours will change and become stabil.

3. Relaxation Therapy

Relaxation is good to refresh your thinking and body. It will decrease the stress you have. People with low stress will be easy to fall asleep in the night. You can do this therapy both in the midday and before sleep at night. The method ro do is such as medication, breathing exercise, muscle relaxation, and others.

4. Sleep Hygiene Education

In many cases, sleep disorder can happen because of the bad habit of someone. The bad habits here are smoking, drinking alcohol or drink with high caffeine, and never having sport routinely. By doing this method, you will live with your healthy life style. Then, you won’t get disorder in sleeping.

5. Cognitive And Physical Therapy

How to tell if you have sleep insomnia? don’t worry without you say, the doctor will know what’s your problem. In this method, the doctor will identify the sufferer’s thinking and negative feeling which take them difficult in sleeping. Then, next time you will know how to solve that bad feeling and thinking. In the other meaning, it will help you to lose your worry about something which make you feel stress.

That’ s all the explanation about CBT. After you have known about this treatment, you will not need medicine anymore to sleep every night. Hopefully, after doing this cognitive behavioral therapy for insomnia, you will get better sleep.