What You Should Know About Constant Runny Nose

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Dealing with a runny nose every now and then is okay, but having it for weeks or even months? The discomfort it causes can be too much to handle sometimes. Imagine that you have to constantly wipe discharge at work, it would be so much hassle, right? There has to be something behind a constant runny nose that keeps coming back. You should talk to your doctor for a proper diagnosis.

Maybe it’s not too bad

The production of mucus is necessary because it lubricates the nasal passages. It also provides protection against bacteria. Just take a look at the sticky nature of the mucus. It’s the stickiness that can trap bacteria and small particles, so that they don’t go further into the breathing airways.

Constant Runny Nose

However, overproduction of mucus can be bad because some of it will end up running out of your nose. This is what happens with a runny nose. You should find out if the problem has to do with an allergic reaction or not because different causes require different approaches. If it’s indeed related to an allergen, this is probably why your runny nose never stops. As long as that contaminant exists around you, you will keep experiencing it.


There are a few drugs available for this condition. The first one is antihistamines which are useful for treating a runny nose caused by allergies. There’s a specific chemical released in the event of an allergy, called histamine. These drugs work by blocking that particular chemical. If this is what’s happening to you, the symptoms should improve after consumption.

Nasal sprays are another treatment available. They have substances to reduce swelling that often accompanies a runny nose. They both can be purchased without a prescription. Although you can self-medicate, a chronic runny nose may indicate something more serious. If the problem persists after taking any of these meds, you still need to visit a doctor.


Is it really necessary to drink when the body produces too much mucus already? Your body needs to remain hydrated no matter what. It should help because a dry nose could be the reason why the glands create a lot of mucus. Water lubricates the nasal passages, making the discharge drip from the nose more easily.

There are a few more treatments available, such as surgery. However, finding the root of the problem is imperative before you seek any treatment. It would be pointless to repeat the same treatment when it doesn’t really work for your specific condition. The doctor can help make the right diagnosis and end your suffering sooner.