Using a CPAP Machine to Treat Sleep Apnea

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A CPAP machine is one form of treatment for sleep apnea. The machine is one of 3 primary components that make up the whole device. The other two are a hose and a mask. The machine serves to put pressure on air it draws from the environment. After it has become pressurized, the flow of air then gets delivered through the hose into the mask. From the mask, the air will go through the patient’s breathing airway to keep it open.

Components in a CPAP machine

There is a filter inside this machine. It has a function to filter impurities in the air, so that particles like dust or smoke don’t get inhaled by the patient. Considering its function, this part gets dirty more easily and needs to be replaced from time to time. The machine also has a water tank although it may not be present in every product. When it’s added, it serves to add moisture to the pressurized air.

CPAP Machine

Remember that constant air flow can cause dryness in the mouth. This aims to prevent your mouth from feeling dry during the use of the device. Besides, moisture also provides comfort to the airway passages, so you can sleep soundly at night. While choosing a quality machine is important, a fitting CPAP mask is just as important. If it doesn’t fit your face, it will feel uncomfortable and this can affect your night’s sleep.

Using a CPAP machine

This machine often provides immediate results. However, it’s necessary to use it regularly, if not every day if the problem is severe. The symptoms will get better after using it on a nightly basis. Some people said that their symptoms came back after they had stopped the use. If this is what happens to you, then just go back to using it. The frequency of snoring should start to decrease because the machine helps open any blockage in the airway passages. This will in turn improve your sleep quality.

If you had to wake up multiple times in an hour, with this device the problem might disappear slowly. The continuous use of a CPAP machine will also benefit your general health. According to reviews, this machine has helped people control their blood pressure. Once the night disturbance is gone, you’ll feel more energized during the day. There’s no more daytime drowsiness which is often experienced by sleep apnea sufferers.

Choosing a CPAP machine

CPAP machines vary in size and price. They also come with different built-in features. Finding the right device is paramount, so that you can benefit the most from it. Some machines can adjust humidification levels. Others have sensors to monitor the owner’s activity. When those sensors detect that the owner is already asleep, the machine will start delivering air into the mask.