What to Consider in Buying CPAP Nasal Masks

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CPAP is one of the treatments available for obstructive sleep apnea. It requires a CPAP machine to deliver pressurized air into the airway passages. In addition to choosing a quality machine, it’s also important to choose a mask that fits.

Types of CPAP masks

CPAP nasal masks come in a few different styles. The first one is standard style. These masks are quite small since they only cover the patient’s nose. The hose doesn’t directly enter the nostril. Instead, it has a gel cushion that will cover the entire nose. Consumers prefer this style because they’re the most comfortable to wear.

CPAP Nasal Masks

Full face CPAP nasal masks are also available. These are noticeably bigger than the first type because they cover both the nose and mouth. This design is suitable for people who often breathe through the mouth. And if you like to sleep sideways, this third type will be the most suitable, which is called the pillow style.

Unlike the previous ones, these masks deliver pressurized air right into the nostrils. There are also oral CPAP masks that judging by the name, work by delivering air into the mouth. For heavy mouth breathers, this style will be the best to wear.

Things to consider

You have to decide which style to choose from. Take into account your breathing habits and the size of the mask. If you breathe using the mouth most of the time, make sure to buy one designed for this condition. Wearing a CPAP mask could feel uncomfortable at first, but you’ll get over it eventually. You can practice by wearing it at daytime when you’re awake. Once you have the convenience of wearing it, you will have no problem wearing it during asleep.

Some people complained that they had dry mouth after wearing a mask for a while. The mask is not the one to blame in this case. This is more likely stimulated by the ongoing flow of air from the machine. To avoid this issue, you should invest in a CPAP machine that has a water tank. The tank will produce steam when the device is turned on. The moisture will be delivered along with the pressurized air to keep your airway moist.

Buying a CPAP mask

To get a quality product, please contact a medical equipment supplier. These stores specialize in selling healthcare products and medical devices. Don’t forget to try a mask before purchasing it. Wear it while lying down in different positions to make sure there are no leaks. Also, find out if the product has a 30 day return policy. This is normal not just for medical devices, but also for electronics in general.