Some Ways to Fall into a Deep Sleep

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Having a deep sleep is essential since tissue repair and growth happens at this particular stage of sleep. Unfortunately, some people struggle to have this quality sleep. There are a few things that may cause that. The first one is having a sleep disorder.

People with sleep apnea or insomnia are more likely to experience this than the general population. Trouble falling into a deep sleep also decreases with age. It’s normal for the elderly to have difficulty sleeping. If you’re still young and already facing this issue, the following tips might help:

Deep Sleep

Invest in a quality mattress

Don’t overlook the power of a quality mattress. Have you suffered from back pain in the morning? It could’ve happened because the mattress was too hard. A quality mattress should provide the ultimate comfort which then translates to a deep sleep. There are a few things to consider when buying a mattress.

Adjust the room temperature

It’s hard to sleep when the room is hot. If you have an Air Conditioner installed in the room, just set it to between 60 and 67 Fahrenheit. These are ideal temperatures for a deep sleep. Setting it too low is actually a bad idea. Instead of feeling cozy, you will get chills or even end up with a fever. Just make sure it feels comfortable enough that you don’t need to wear a blanket or take off the clothes.

The first one is temperature control. A good mattress should be made of a material that properly regulates body heat. If the mattress fails to dissipate your body heat, it will be unbearable during sleep. Another important consideration is pressure relief. It should conform to your body contour, so problems like back pain can be avoided.

Take a sleep supplement

Consult your doctor before taking any supplement to induce sleep. There are a few sleeping pills available. Knowing what works best for you is important. Tryptophan is beneficial for increasing sleep quality. However, overdoing it may cause side effects. Meanwhile, melatonin supplements are technically safe as it’s naturally produced by the pineal gland. It causes little to no dependence, meaning it’s safe to take.

Filter out the blue light

Blue light can slow down the release of melatonin which plays a role in your night’s sleep. We get it from the sun, but electronic devices also produce it in large amounts. Exposure to this wavelength right before bed can maintain wakefulness. As a result, you will find it difficult to sleep. The solution is to block the light using an app if it’s coming from your phone. Or you can simply turn off the lights to stimulate melatonin release.