Define Narcolepsy

Define Narcolepsy: Symptoms, Cause, and Treatment

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Define narcolepsy from the medical point of view will be the same as another sleep disorder. There are many researches from scientist showing that there is something in genes that control this disorder. These genes will control the chemical production in the brain for controlling awake and sleep cycle.

Also, there is another opinion that narcolepsy happen because there is deficiency of hypocretin production in human brain. Some researcher also figure out there are some abnormalities in some part of brain causing narcolepsy.

The abnormality is also the cause for narcolepsy symptoms to increase. Hence, what causes narcolepsy sleep disorders is varied. It is because narcolepsy involves various factors that will cause the neurological dysfunction and also disturbance for REM sleep.

What Are The Signs And Symptoms Of Narcolepsy?

The general symptoms of narcolepsy is the excessive daytime sleepiness. Doctors said that this EDS will interfere human normal activities in the day time. Even though a person doesn’t  have narcolepsy, they will have sufficient sleep in the night. When a person has narcolepsy, they will also get a mental cloudiness and memory lapses, depressed mood and also exhaustion. Since it has something with sleepiness, people will also lack of concentration and energy during the activity.

Another symptom is cataplexy. Many people are still wondering what is narcolepsy with cataplexy? And for this question, cataplexy might occur when people have narcolepsy. It makes them loss their muscle tone all of sudden. That’s why they will feel a weakness and have no control of their muscle. It will also affect to another symptoms like slurred speech and body collapse. Some people who experience cataplexy will also get intense emotion like anger, laughter, and surprise.

Define narcolepsy from its symptoms can also form hallucination. People with narcolepsy will also get hallucination. It is the symptoms that commonly attack them. This delusional experience will happen frequently and it is so frightening. It is mainly visual but it does not involve any others sense. The hallucination happens including hypnogagic hallucination and also hypnopompic hallucination.

The last symptom to this narcolepsy is the sleep paralysis. People who experience this, they cannot move their body directly after waking up. But this only happen few minutes and after this narcolepsy ends, the body will recover. Then, they will be able to speak and move again.

How To Treat Narcolepsy Naturally?

Before treating the narcolepsy, it will be better to get the right diagnosis. Doctor will suggest physical exam and also check the exhaustive of medical history. These two tests are the mos effective to know and to diagnose the narcolepsy.

Many people who experience the narcolepsy and its symptoms confused how to cure it. Doctors find out that there is no treatment for this narcolepsy disorder. But some people can control this symptom by consuming some drugs.

If the sleepiness happen, the use of stimulant like amphetamine will be really useful. When the symptom is the abnormal sleep of REM, the use of antidepressant drug is great way. Recently, there is a new medication for people with narcolepsy which is namely Xyrem. This will help people with narcolepsy to get a better sleep at night. It will also help them to cast away the sleepiness during the daytime. The medication can help people with narcolepsy disorder but it cannot cure them.

Define narcolepsy from its treatment is able to make the lifestyle as well. People who like consume caffeine, alcohol, heavy meals, and nicotine. The schedule for sleeping in the night and daytime nap will also affect the narcolepsy. Get a normal schedule of sleep and meal will also help to reduce the symptoms of narcolepsy.