Do I Have Narcolepsy

Do I Have Narcolepsy?: Knows The Characteristics of Narcolepsy

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Do I have narcolepsy? This might be a common question from people who have sleep disorder. They might be confused since there are many kinds of sleeps disorder and this narcolepsy is the common one. This sleep disorder has some usual characteristics and symptoms. People can easily recognize the symptoms and characteristic of narcolepsy. Because it differs from another sleep disorder. Narcolepsy appears to involve the intrusion of which type of sleep upon wakefulness when someone is tired.

Excessive Daytime Sleepiness

When people keep asking do I have narcolepsy and they also have an excessive sleepiness especially in the daytime. The answer will be definitely yes, they have narcolepsy sleeping disorder. Some people feel tired or lack of energy and also sleepy during the daytime. Even though they had enough sleep at night, it doesn’t make the sleepiness go away on the daytime. This is the most common characteristics of narcolepsy. And some people don’t get it as the sigh of symptoms. They tend to let it go by taking nap or rest during their daily activity.

For people with narcolepsy, their sleepiness with take over the wakefulness and the sleepy feeling will attack them. They will tend to fall asleep anytime and anywhere during the daytime. They don’t get any alert to stop the sleepiness. Not only will they get hard to stay awake in the afternoon, but also in the night. They will get into a deep sleep faster than normal people. They will get a deep sleep just within 15 minutes.

Moreover, the sleepiness on the daytime will also affect their visual. They will have a double vision or even blurred. It comes automatically without any sign before and sometimes it also happens when they are driving. Narcoleptics or people with narcolepsy will have the higher score of excessive daytime sleepiness than normal person. It will more active and also increase when the nap time is coming.

Sleep Paralysis

narcolepsy is characterized by all of the following except

Sleep paralysis is also one of the characteristics for narcolepsy. This is normal case because not only people with narcolepsy who get this, but also the normal people. Sleep paralysis will cause the stop movement after wake up. Suffocation and also looming presence can also be the sign of sleep paralysis. This symptom can occur ordinarily and it will disturb the sleeping time. So, if there is a sign of sleep paralysis, it might also be the cause of narcolepsy.

Hypnagogic Hallucinations

Hypnagogic hallucination is also the characteristic of narcolepsy. It has some signs for example the frightening hallucination in the night. It comes especially in the time between the wakefulness and also sleep. So, it will happen in the night. This will commonly happen when people are falling asleep or when they are awakening. This hypnagogic hallucination will also happen during the REM stage. So, some people will think that it is a dream because sometimes this hallucination is not visual.


Cataplexy is one of the characteristics of narcolepsy that is causing by the emotional event. People will experience the loss of their muscle tone in this symptom and they will be temporarily weak.  The weakness can you feel on your body part like neck, knees, or even face. But, it will suddenly disappear and it is quite fast.

Do I have narcolepsy even though I don’t experience those signs? Narcolepsy is characterized by all of the following except the duration of sleep in the night. It is a rare case of sleep disorders that can happen during the sleepiness. The characteristics will be useful and worth to know. Not only it helps in defining the sleep disorder, but also it can help to prevent the further illness.