do i have sleep apnea
do i have sleep apnea

Do I Have Sleep Apnea? Recognize 4 Signs of Sleep Apnea Here!

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Do i have sleep apnea if i don't snore
Do i have sleep apnea if i don’t snore

Do I have sleep apnea? Some people apparently still feel confused when faced with symptoms of sleep apnea. As is known that sleep apnea itself is the most common sleep disorder affecting most people in all circles in the world. Nearly 80% of adults in America are diagnosed with this one disease. Most of them do not even realize that the sleep disturbance that occurs in a person is a result of their health problems. People who experience problems with sleep apnea tend to choose poor quality sleep.

What is sleep apnea itself? sleep apnea itself sleep apnea causes pause in breathing when in sleep activities. As has been widely explained that sleep apnea is divided into 3 types or categories, namely obstructive sleep apnea (OSA), central sleep apnea (CSA) and Mixed Sleep Apnea. Maybe some people are familiar with sleep when OSA and CSA.

However, some people still feel confused about “what is sleep apnea effect actually?” and the type of mixed sleep apnea which is a combination of OSA and CSA sleep apnea. Now to find out if you experience problems with sleep apnea? See the following signs and symptoms. ‘

Snoring: Do I Have Sleep Apnea?

Snoring is one of the most common signs or symptoms in people with sleep apnea diagnosis. But keep in mind that not everyone who snores has this one problem with sleep apnea. People who experience sleep apnea tend to have a very fast snoring habit. Speaking of snoring, curling can be interpreted as a sound produced from the upper respiratory tract vibrations that occur during sleep. For those of you who have a fairly fast snoring sound when you sleep there is nothing wrong if you immediately check with a qualified and experienced doctor or do sleep apnea test at home by following intruction from any references. The earlier the sleep apnea you have is detected, the faster it will be overcome.

Stop breathing often

Other signs or symptoms often experienced by sufferers of sleep apnea are often having problems stopping breathing. Please note that in obstructiv sleep apnea conditions the fatty tissue in the throat or tongue becomes very relaxed during sleep. So it is not surprising that some people who suffer from acute sleep apnea will often experience problems stopping breathing regularly while sleeping. How to treat it? If you have these symptoms, it would be better if you immediately ask your personal doctor about this. Generally the docs will look for the first type of paisent sleep apnea. When you know the type, the next step is to do the treatment stage according to the type of sleep apnea.

Often Tired All Day

Frequent fatigue throughout the day becomes one of the signs or symptoms that appear in sufferers of sleep apnea problems. Even though you have had more than 7 hours of sleep, sufferers of sleep apnea will still feel tired throughout the day. This is not without reason, as it is known that most sleep apnea sufferers have poor sleep quality. So it is not surprising that even though the hours are spent more and more, they will tend to remain tired every day.

Please note that one other sign that shows that you feel tired every day is difficulty getting up in the morning. How do you experience such signs or symptoms? If you feel that the symptoms that you feel are not as common as it is good to immediately consult your favorite doctor Adan at home.

Often Awakened With Headaches

Other signs of symptoms that must be experienced by sufferers of sleep apnea are often waking up with a painful head condition. As seen from several cases, it shows that some people who experience sleep apnea will often wake up because they feel their head is very painful. The condition of the diseased head is actually caused by the performance of the respiratory muscles that do not work optimally. When the respiratory muscles do not function and breathing stops, it will make oxygen unable to enter your brain. This low oxygen level will have an effect on widening the blood vessels and causing headaches every morning. If the headache is experienced once or twice it might be quite natural, but if this problem often arises which is almost every day then the only way you can choose is to get a qualified doctor.

In general, the four signs or symptoms above are some of the symptoms that are often experienced by sufferers of sleep apnea. In addition to the four other signs or symptoms that are overweight, have high blood pressure, and are easily offended or depressed. It is also dangerous getting sleep apnea if you are live alone. That’s why you have to keep your health well. So, a little information about “do I suffer from sleep apnea?” Knowing signs or symptoms early will make your sleep apnea quickly resolved. Hopefully useful and helpful!