sinus infection symptoms

Find Out About Sinus Infection Symptoms And How To Treat It

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Sinus Infection Symptoms, know about sinusitis which attacks various groups, both children and adults. As is known sinusitis is one of the diseases that most people in the world have experienced in recent years. The disease that attacks all of these people turns out to be fatal if it is not immediately handled properly. Therefore if you find yourself or some people around you have sinusitis problems, be sure to take him immediately to the doctor to get further treatment.

Talking about sinus infection is generally caused by a virus that can sometimes disappear on its own. But you need to know that in some cases sinusitis the virus does not disappear by itself but instead develops into bacteria or fungi that can cause infection. As already explained a little above, this sinusitis can affect all people, from infants to adults. Each age shows different symptoms. In order for you to be able to detect sinus infection from the beginning, there is no harm if you know some symptoms of sinusitis that attacks infants, children to adults. Here’s the explanation about sinus infection symptoms.

Sinus Infection Symptoms In Babies

Some people may still be very unfamiliar with this one sinus infection. As it is known that the sinus is one of the air spaces located in the bones around the nose. Maybe some of you think that sinusitis can only attack adults, it’s a wrong opinion. Why is that? Please note that sinusitis can also attack the baby. Babies born in unfavorable or developing sinus conditions will be more susceptible to sinus disease than others. But you don’t need to worry because some cases show that sinusitis that attacks the baby can be cured quickly and easily. However, in order not to take him late to the doctor, there is nothing if you learn sinus infection symptoms in babies. Among others

  1. The first symptom that often arises when a baby has a sinus problem is experiencing a problem with a stuffy nose or runny nose that lasts a long time. The duration of a cold can be more than 10 to 14 days.
  2. The next symptom that is very easy to recognize is the appearance of green and cloudy yellow fluid through the nasal passages of approximately 4 days. If you find anything unusual, you should immediately do a further examination.
  3. Experiencing a cough problem that is bad enough on a single day and will get worse at night. If your baby has this one problem, make sure to immediately check it out.
  4. Swelling around the nose and eyes is also a symptom of sinusitis that often attacks the baby.
  5. There is a dark circle that is around the eye that makes baby Ana look sick or unhealthy.
  6. Another symptom that is often faced by sinus sufferers is experiencing a mild fever for approximately four to six days in a row.

That was a little review of the symptoms that occur in infants who have sinus problems. Generally the main cause of this sinus infection is a cold, inflammation of allergies and also respiratory infections. Be sure to recognize the symptoms as early as possible so that your baby can immediately get further treatment.

Sinus Infection Symptoms In Kids

sinus infection symptoms
Sinus infection symptoms

In addition to adults, it turns out that children can also be potentially affected by inflammation in this part of the sinus. Unlike the symptoms that appear in adults, sinus infection symptoms in kids turns out sinusitis in children tends to be more difficult to diagnose earlier. This can happen because the symptoms that appear in children are usually caused by viruses or allergies.

Then what are the sinus infection symptoms in kids? According to several studies conducted by experts, one of which is according to the American Academy of Otolaryngology, which is engaged in surgical and neck specialists, mentioning the characteristics or symptoms commonly experienced by children with sinusitis. What are the symptoms? Here’s the review

  1. Symptoms commonly felt by children who suffer from sinusitis are experiencing a cold that lasts quite a long time. If the body of a normal child will experience a cold for around 3 to 5 days, for patients with sinusitis, they will experience cold symptoms that last more than 14 days which are sometimes followed by a mild fever condition.
  2. A lot of fluid escapes through the nasal passages. Usually the color of the liquid is cloudy yellow or cloudy green.
  3. The next symptoms commonly experienced by children who experience sinus infection are feeling a sore throat, bad breath, stones, nausea or abdominal pain that does not heal.
  4. Similar to the symptoms experienced by adults, it turns out that children who experience sinusitis problems will also experience headaches every morning. Generally, these headaches will be experienced by those around the age of about 6 years,
  5. If your child is easily angry and exhausted, then it is better if you immediately see a doctor because it could be affected by sinusitis or inflammation of the sinus area.
  6. Another symptom that occurs in children who have sinusitis is inflammation in the area near the eyes.

Those were some of the symptoms commonly experienced by children who have sinusitis problems. If your child has symptoms that have been mentioned above, you should immediately check with your doctor of trust.

Sinus Infection Symptoms In Adults

For people who are adults of course often encounter or experience sinus problems. Unconsciously sinus disease is one of the diseases that will be very dangerous if not done immediately. So you know that you and the people around you are free of sinus problems. There is nothing wrong with having to recognize some of the following symptoms.

  1. Almost the same as the symptoms experienced by infants and children, it also turns out that there are problems with nasal congestion which is certainly very disturbing throughout the day. So for those of you who have problems with nasal congestion that never goes away, then you should immediately do a deeper examination.
  2. The next sinus infection symptoms in adults that is only experienced by adults but not experienced by children or babies pain in the area of ​​the sinuses or parts of the face. In contrast to other pain symptoms, pain due to sinusitis turns out to have a large effect than usual.
  3. The third symptom that appears for people who experience sinusitis is the amount of fluid that comes out through the nasal passages. Some people might think that this is normal. But if the fluid released from the nasal passages does not heal within a few days, it is necessary for you to consult with your trust doctor.
  4. Headaches become one of the symptoms that are only experienced by adults. Generally this headache appears in the morning. Not only headaches, sinusitis sufferers also have the effect of fatigue throughout the day.
  5. Another symptom that usually arises from sinusitis sufferers is that it is very easy to get a fever. For the problem of fever alone, actually not all patients experience a long enough fever. This is only felt by a few people. So you don’t need to worry anymore?

How to treat sinus infection?

After learning some of the symptoms mentioned above, the next thing you need to learn is to find out how to treat sinus infections using home remedies. Can it? Of course you can, for more details see the following review.

  1. The first thing you need to do when you experience a sinus problem, then what you need to do is compress the affected part using warm water. As is known that warm water is believed to be able to relieve pain and can also relieve the pressure found in the sinus.
  2. Taking drugs or vitamins that slightly reduce the problem of fighting. The next thing you can try to cure sinusitis is taking drugs that can relieve the pain that attacks you when in a public place or office environment. By anticipating bringing the drug, of course you don’t need to feel the pain which is certainly very disturbing your activities all day.
  3. Use a special nasal decongestant spray. You need to know that most people believe that by using the spray your nose will be more comfortable and calm. You can find this product in several supermarkets around your residence. However you need to be careful and make sure to use a decongestant according to your current needs.Avoid using nasal decongestants for a long period of time. Why is that? This one tool is only recommended to use approximately 3 to 5 only. Do not spray it continuously because it can actually worsen the sinus problems that you are experiencing right now.
  1. One more thing, if your sinusitis is suffering from no change after treatment, then you should immediately take it to the doctor to get further treatment.

Knowing the symptoms caused by sinusitis is an important thing to understand. So when you understand this tutorial, you can understand the condition of the baby quickly and easily. In order for the disease not to get worse and spread, it is necessary to do an early examination. So be sure to choose a doctor that suits your needs. So a little brief information about the symptoms of sinusitis that often appears. Hopefully the information above about sinus infection symptoms is useful!