Tips for Practicing Guided Sleep Meditation

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Guided sleep meditation can help solve your sleep problems. Many people chose medications as the first treatment for sleep problems, but they aren’t necessarily the best for everyone. Medications often come with serious side effects, so they need to be taken carefully. One of the best approaches apart from home remedies for sleep problems is meditation. Meditation requires focus although many people perceive it as laziness.

Guided Sleep Meditation

Keep practicing

You won’t be good at this in just a few sessions. It may takes years before you know how to control your wandering mind. If you need guidance from an instructor, then look for one. If you don’t, you can search for information and understand the basics of this therapy. This practice helps you unwind and boosts relaxation.

Instead of thinking about things that may make you worried, meditation teaches you to be quiet and focused on the present moment. Don’t let the bad thoughts overwhelm you. It should be the opposite, that you become the master of your mind.

Progressive relaxation

This is a way to achieve relaxation by releasing all the tension in the body. Firstly, you have to sit in a quiet place and close your eyes. Observe the sofa or anything you place your buttock upon and feel every inch of that. And then pay attention to the surroundings, including the temperature of the room and other textures that you skin comes in contact with. If you’re sitting on a mattress, feel every bit of it especially the texture. Visualize how soft it feels touching your skin.

Still with eyes closed, now direct your attention to the toes. Curl your toes and tighten them up. After a few seconds, let the tension go. Do the same to other muscles in the body. The whole body is made up of muscles, so there’s a lot that you need to practice. Just tighten them for a few seconds and then release. This will send a wave of relaxation throughout the body.

Guided visualization

This is another type of meditative experience you can get by visiting a calming place. You can go somewhere like a lake or a waterfall where there aren’t many people in sight. Witnessing a serene place through the eyes can really lift up all the weight on your shoulders. Many people have sleep issues because they have unsolved problems.

Those stressors that come up in daily life are the culprits. You must help your mind shake the stress away for a moment by visiting places like mountains, beaches, and forests. Just make sure they’re secluded enough, so there isn’t much human activity around. If there are no such places nearby, you can look around your house and see if there’s a place that offers a similar experience.