what is a stuffy nose
what is a stuffy nose

What is a stuffy nose? Having No Stuffy Nose Is a Granted

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When you lay on bed with stuffy nose, you are thinking about that time how you are breathing for something granted. It is the greatest life when you do not need to blow your nose to breath and have the easiest life. Having it like some unpredictable blessed come to our life. When did you have the last stuffy nose? Is it recover now? Stuffy nose is exactly a noise for your activities. It more often happen in rainy weather. So what the extremely causes and the symptom then we need to know.

what is a stuffy nose
What is a stuffy nose

Having stuffy nose or runny nose is uncomfortable situation. The air is obstructed to flow in and out. What the worst condition when nose problems come full in a day or night. When you have cold or flu infections, blocked nose will torture you. It is one of the causes you get stuffy nose or blocked nose. These below are the others causes.

The causes of stuffy nose

The stuffy nose can be caused by some unwell conditions. These are some of possible conditions such as cold, flu, allergic rhinitis, nasal polyps, and deviated septum. To prevent your stuffy nose, it is better that you know how to prevent the causes. These are bellow some tricks to do it.

a. Common cold and Flu

Both of common cold and flu look like similar at all. They have some same symptoms and sickness. The difference between them is their viruses so they have some different symptoms too. People with either sickness often torture runny nose and stuffy nose in the same time, sneezing, general fatigue and body aches. However, flu symptom is more terrible than cold. It is needed to keep away from other and stay at home when you got first flu symptom. These below also can help you to get better from flu:

  • Drinking fluid plenty such as soup, water, and avoid high sugar flavour.
  • Treating symptom with OTC medication.
  • Covering your coughs and sneezes with the clean clothes or tissue. Throw the tissue immediately away.
  • Having good habit washing your hands to prevent spreading the virus.

b. Allergic rhinitis

Allergy rhinitis or called hay fever is an allergic reaction to specific allergies. The most common allergen in allergic rhinitis is pollen. One of the cause’s changing seasons from dry to wet season. Some adult infected of rhinitis in that moment. The commons symptoms include a stuffy nose. Stuffy nose often appears at night time or bedtime, then occur while the wet weather in the morning. Consuming a hot water or a hot flavour is suggested to recover it.

Bellows are some suggestion to prevent the allergic rhinitis:

  • Do not touch your nose when the first symptom occur.
  • Washing your hand use clean water and soap.
  • Washing your pillowcase, bedcover, and other bed linens use hot water and detergent to reduce the allergies.
  • Do not let the pet come into your be room. Keep them out from the room, especially your bed.
  • To reduce the pollen getting into your eyes, it is better that wearing eyes glasses and a wide brimmed hat.
  • Keeping your windows closed during high pollen and mold season.

c. Nasal Polyps

If you ever have a cold that does not go away in long time, may be it due to nasal polyps. Nasal polyps are started growths of the lining tissues of your nose. Some of the triggers are asthma, allergic rhinitis, sensitivity to non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug. Stuffy nose is one of the symptom. if you want to remove completely your polyp, it suggestion to get a surgery.

d. Deviated septum

A deviated septum is the illness caused of congenital that a person was born with it. Some result of injuries in nose also can be one of the occurs. It can be worsen by the age and can lead to other compilations such as sleep apnea, snoring, stuffy nose, breath difficulty, nose bleeds and other nose illness. How to prevent it:

  • Wearing protective gear when playing sport.
  • Wearing a seat belt or harness while riding a car or other vehicles.
  • Avoiding physical confrontation because blowing to your nose during a fight may displaces your nasal septum.

How to get rid of a stuffy nose instantly without medicine

Consuming medicine continuously is danger for your body. Some people find out the alternative recovery technique to avoid medicine. The possible technique you can try are:

a. Taking a shower

Taking a hot shower can help you to reduce stuffy nose or nasal congestion and rid a blocked nose all the time instantly. You have to avoid a cold water because it can get you to worse illness. The hot water or steam from shower help your mucus drain from the nose and getting breathing well. It will give you a benefit even just a temporary relief.

b. Applying a warm compress

Stuffy nose and blocked nose often happen at night. Some of you may have doubt to take a shower when getting a block nose at night. The alternative technique is applying a warm compress on your face or on your forehead. You can wet a washcloth with very warm water. You should make sure the water is not too hot, it can burn your face. Adding a fresh ginger to the water before soaking is additional technique you could try.

c. Using a humidifier

The air is one of the factor you get a stuffy nose. The dust on the air can flow and get in to your nose bringing a virus. It is important to keep a humidifier in your room clean to prevent bacteria or virus growing. Lot of moisture warm mist humidifier can thin the mucus and makes dry easier.

d. Drinking apple cider vinegar

Consuming this kind of drink can help you to hack the stuffy nose without a medicine. Mixing the apple cider, vinegar, and water. Then adding a cayenne pepper, lemon and honey. The last step is just stir it all and you can drink it directly. It will be yucky but effective.

e. Hit the exact point on your nose

Hitting the exact point on your nose will help you to breath well again. This technique changes your feel immediately. It is how to get rid of a stuffy nose fast without medicine. It also will give you some sensations while you hit in the exact point. The technique is very simple using your finger. People usually use their middle finger to hit the nose. The way is applying your middle finger on top of your nose bridge, then run it up until you come to up like pitting area where it meets a forehead area. If you have fount if, hold that point using your finger. Pressure that area and keep pushing about 45 seconds. It done!

Accompanying symptoms and when need to see a doctor

A stuffy nose or nasal congestion triggers to some dangers diseases. When a person has a stuffy nose, it may be accompanied by other symptoms. Sneezing and dripping nose are some of the commons. It leads to headaches that happen in some people.

Stuffy nose can be uncomfortable condition, however it is nothing to worry when going away in no longer time. Otherwise, you still need to see a doctor when the symptoms do not seem to be going away. The times of recovery depend on the causes of it. But the most people get the stuffy nose about 10 days. If the stuffy nose is callable to viral infection, there possibility occur complication including ear infection, bronchitis, and sinusitis.

Here are some symptoms that possible stuffy nose getting worse:

  • Getting headache
  • Draining a green mucus from your nose
  • Having facial pain
  • Having pain in your ear and it hurt you to hearing
  • Getting long fever
  • Coughing
  • Looking to your chest and it gets tightness
  • Occurring some symptoms more than the causes of it, such as allergic rhinitis is going to be worse

How to prevent stuffy nose

Having a healthy nose in more importance to prevent stuffy nose. Here are a few tips to do nose care and can increase the numbers of your threats in your environment:

  • Clean your house regularly
  • Avoiding smoking and in haling second hand smoke
  • Avoiding drink caffeine after at 2pm
  • Avoiding carpets as much as possible
  • Do not let dust in your home
  • Keeping your room cool and dark. You also can add a humidifier in your bedroom
  • Trying a facial steam
  • Drinking a warm or hot fluids
  • Keeping your pet out from your room
  • Consuming more water to stay hydrated

Having stuffy nose so long is like you bet a dying. Do not let it happen to you. You should avoid the cause of the stuffy nose, and find out the exact recover way without medicine first. If it is getting worse, do not hesitate to see your doctor. Ignoring your illness will bring you to the worse life and getting closer to the death. A healthy body is the biggest granted you have. Thus, you just do not appreciate breathing out of both nostrils until one day suddenly it is taken away from you.