Having Trouble Sleeping? These Could Be the Causes

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Dealing with difficulty sleeping can be frustrating especially when we must go to work early in the morning. When the body hasn’t had enough rest, it will be hard to concentrate and increase productivity. This issue may be chronic or last shorter and go away on its own. Here are a few causes of you having trouble sleeping.

Using a Smartphone

Smartphones and tablets emit blue light, a wavelength that can increase alertness. When you’re about to sleep, looking at your phone’s screen will make things worse. At least do something if you still have something to do with the gadget. There are apps designed to filter blue light produced by phone screens.

Having Trouble Sleeping

You can install one your device, so that the effect of light blue can be minimized. Or if it’s not urgent to use the Smartphone at all, just put it down. Don’t forget to dim the lights or turn them off completely because darkness is necessary for an optimum melatonin release. This is a hormone that regulates the sleep-wake cycle.

Too much coffee

Coffee is also associated with wakefulness. Most people would drink it whenever they need to stay up at night. The caffeine in this drink does have an impact on your body. One or two cups may not be enough. More than that, you would struggle to sleep. However, some people develop tolerance to caffeine because they have adapted to its effect due to prolonged consumption.

Not everyone is like that, though. Some are very sensitive to the effect of caffeine that they would develop temporary insomnia. The more you drink it, the longer it gets out of the system, so don’t drink caffeine close to bedtime because it may hamper your sleep.

Too full

You’re not supposed to eat a big meal right before bed. The body’s metabolism decreases tremendously at this particular time, so eating till you can’t anymore will just make the consumed calories turned into fat deposits. Besides, this bad habit can affect the way your insulin works.

There’s no problem with eating at night especially if you hadn’t had dinner earlier, but eat only to fill the empty stomach. Don’t do it out of the need to curb your cravings. Imagine if you’re forced to work when you’re sleepy. That’s what happens to the body when you fill the stomach close to bedtime. It takes time for the food to leave the stomach, which will probably make you restless and hard to shut the eyes. Again, it’s okay to eat at night, but do it only when you’re really hungry.