Headache back of head

Neck Pain and Headache Back of Head Migraine

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Headache back of head usually also gives pain on the neck. Neck becomes the part that get effect of a headache. It is a common sign of a migraine also. Many people get migraine or headache in one side of head. Migraine is also a common headache that can attack anyone. This headache will also impact on someone’s life.

The aching of migraine will be really painful. It will also make the patient get a blurred vision, nausea, and auras or known as sensory disturbance. This health problem will last for about hours or even 3 days. Actually, there are three stages of migraine that usually occurs. Here are the three stages and its symptoms.

Premonitory stage

Headache back of head will get into this stage as the primary stage. This stage will occur by showing a mental change. For example, patient in this stage will feel tired, mood swing, and get  stiffness on the neck. Some people will also feel like craving some sweet foods and feeling thirsty. However, this stage will last only hours. This neck pain and headaches in back of head treatment is same as the other headache. Because it is still in the early stage.

Aura Stage

The next stage is the aura stage. After the premonitory stage lasts, the migraine will attack the neurological part. It will last shorter than the first stage. Sometimes it lasts only 5 minutes or the longer time is 60 minutes.

In this stage, the signs of symptom is changes in cortex area. It will affect on the vision ability. People will get a sight of dark spot, starts or sprinkle, and also zig zag line when they see something. It will make them feel dizzy and also vertigo. They will see that everything is spinning.

It doesn’t not only attack the vision but also the speech and hearing sensory. Some patients will experience memory changes, fainting, paralysis, or even fear and confusion. Those are including into neurological symptoms. It can happen in the same time as the headache but some people don’t feel it. It can occur both in adults and kids.

Main Stage

The next is the main stage. This last and finish stage will be severe and chronic. People will get migraine headache back of head symptoms in throbbing and worse condition. Some of the sufferer also get a more tightening pain on the head. It is like something presses their head. This will only happen in one side of head. The pain on both sides is uncommon pain in this stage. People will also get nausea and vomiting. The sensitivity will increase especially about light and sound.

Headache back of head can actually go away slowly. Time by time, the headache will fade away and disappear. There are may be some symptoms that can relate to this headache. But actually it is just a common phase like when you feel hungry. Another symptom-alike is the appetite losing.  That’s why it is important to define whether it’s a migraine symptoms or just a common feeling.