The Major Cause of Headache behind the Eyes

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Headache behind the eyes can be so much bothering. This is one of the types of headache that mostly occur in some adults. When people get headache, the easiest way to relieve it is with the medicine. That’s what most people do.

Generic medicine is an easy way because it is available in the drugstore or over the counter. When the headache is too painful and severe, the doctor can prescribe the preventative medicine. However, different headache will need different treatment. So, here are the list of headache you may know.

Headache behind the eyes may be different types of headache. The types of headaches can occur by different cause. The types of headache can also have different symptoms. They also need different treatment and medicine. So, there are five common headaches.

Tension Headache

You can feel the headache pain behind left eye and back of head as tight band around the head. Tension headache commonly occurs in the mid day. It comes slowly but gradually. It will occur on both sides of the head and it is so painful.

This tension headache is a constant headache. It can be more serious since it doesn’t attack the head only. But the pain also occur all over the neck. The pain can be episodic with hour of duration. It cannot stop within hours but it takes few days. Even someone will have this chronic headache for about months.

Rebound Headache

This rebound headache is causing by the overuse of medication. If you experience headache and you treat it with some OTC medication, it will worsen the headache. So, this is the cause of rebound headache.

This headache will occur in the earlier of your day and the rest of your day. People will alsoget the pain on the neck and also a nasal congestion. This rebound headache will also cause restlessness. In which it can reduce your sleep quality.

Cluster Headache

Cluster headache is the headache that will happen every day. It can happen in 15 minutes to 30 minutes. Within this cluster headache, there will be no symptoms like any other headache. This headache is often happening in one side of head. Some people feel bad headache pressure behind right eye. This is one of the characteristics of cluster headache. It will also lead into the sharp and burning feeling.

Thunderclap Headache

The thunderclap headache is one of the headaches that comes suddenly. This headache is the severe headache in the world. It has a maximum intensity and also lasts longer than any headache.

This headache is the most serious condition and also life threatening. This is a severe headache that needs doctor’s treatment. This headache is similar to any other life threatening syndrome. For example cerebral venous thrombosis, intracerebral hemorrhage, ruptured or unruptured aneurysms, and also and pituitary apoplexy.

Headache behind the eyes can also has many types. It can be a light headache or even severe or chronic headache. The severe and chronic headache need to get a treatment from doctor.