Natural Remedies for Headache During Pregnancy

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Headaches can occur during pregnancy especially in the first trimester. Interestingly, some women actually start to have headaches once they’re pregnant. And the problem starts to lessen when they’re no longer pregnant. For others, pregnancy could actually help headaches they have had before.

Causes of headaches during pregnancy

There are some reasons why women experience this while pregnant. The most reasonable cause is hormonal changes in the body. When you’re pregnant, there are changes that have never happened before. Pregnancy also causes an increase in blood volume, which could be the contributing factor of pain in the head. Not just hormonal changes, expecting women also take care of themselves better than usual. They make lifestyle changes which will eventually affect their bodies.

Headache During Pregnancy

For example, some women cut out caffeine completely once they know they’re pregnant. As we know, caffeine is often associated with headaches. Adapting to the new habit will likely trigger this response from the body. Stress and a lack of sleep may also be contributing factors to this medical condition.


There is a broad range of medications available to treat headaches. However, most of them usually have precautions for certain conditions, including pregnancy. If you don’t want to risk your baby’s health, then it’s a good idea to skip medications to treat your headache. Of all the over-the-counter medicines, you can still take acetaminophen as it’s considered safer. But talking to your doctor is still advised before taking any medicine even if it’s relatively safe.

Natural remedies

Many women prefer natural approaches to treat medical conditions during pregnancy. Some have been proven to be effective for relieving ailments, such as acupuncture and massage. Acupuncture requires the insertion of fine needless into several pressure points. This therapy should be safe as long as it’s performed by a qualified practitioner. The same goes for massage. Massage has little to no side effects if it’s done by someone who has an experience in this field.

Increasing intake of certain nutrients may also provide relief to your pregnancy headache. For example, you can take B2 Vitamin and magnesium from supplements. Read the directions of use before taking either or both. Some people also find aromatherapy effective. This type of therapy uses essential oils to provide relaxation to the body and soul.


Although a headache doesn’t always indicate something serious, it’s good to stop it before it starts. Don’t underestimate the power of a headache especially when over-the-counter meds can’t intervene for pregnancy reasons. There are a few things you can do. First, make sure you’re free of stress. Stress is a major cause of headaches even in those who are not pregnant. By keeping your mind stress-free, you can prevent this problem. Proper sleep is also important.

Many women complain about not getting enough sleeping while pregnant. It could be harder to rest comfortably with a big belly, but a lack of sleep has never been good for health no matter what. For this reason, you should learn to rest comfortably, so you can sleep without a problem.