Headache On Top Of The Head

Get To Know Deeply About Headache On Top Of The Head With The Causes

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Are you feeling Headache on top of the head that you can bear? If yes, you need to know the main cause. Headache is one of health problems which can disturb our daily activities. Actually, Headache can occur every time. It can attack any parts of head such as in front, behind, above, and right or left side. You need to know that the occurrence of headache at every head of someone has different background or cause.

From all parts, headache at above has become most problems that man or woman face. One of the factors that causes someone get headache in above is a long stress. For those of you who often get problem of headache on top of the head, go to see a doctor. You will get more treatment to solve it.

What Is Headache?

What does a headache on the side of your head mean? As we know, every headache has different causes from each people. Here, you will know the kinds of general headache happen to man or woman. What are those? See the explanation below!

1. Tension Headache

The first type of headache is Tension Headache. What is Tension Headache? Tension Headache is a type of headache where those who get it will feel constantly pain at two areas. They are eyes area and neck area.

Generally, someone will get this type of headache; will feel that their head get roped strongly. According to resource, it shows that some factors can cause tension headache such as stress, less sleep, and hungry.

2. Migraine

According to the experiment by The Migraine Trust, it shows that about 15 percent of global population gets Migraine. You need to know that now days Migraine has been the most third popular in the world. Generally, migraine often comes to woman’s head. Those who get migraine will feel half headache. The more serious one is the person will get harder headache if they motion their body. Besides, some of them who get hard migraine will throw up and sensitive with light or sound.

3. Cluster Headache

One of other types is Cluster Headache. This headache can occur both man and woman often. For this type, it can say that it is hurting someone than other types. Those who get Cluster Headache will feel sick at head area, especially eyes and forehead.

The Causes of Headache On Top Of Head

Some of you must be curious about the cause of this headache. You need to know that the main cause of headache on top is medical emergency condition. Or we can say it as Reversible Cerebral Vasoconstriction (RCVS). That condition happens where the blood in brain gets thin so that it causes headache that we can’t bear. For you who is often to face this headache type, you ought to consume medicine soon. It is necessary to do to reduce your headache. But, if you don’t get the change, you have to see your doctor soon to have more treatment.

The Way to Treat Headache On Top Of Head

Actually, to solve headache problem is very easy. The first thing you can do is by learning pressure points for headache on top of the head. By knowing the pressure points, you can reduce the symptom of this headache either in low or high level. But, if you have done the massage on the pressure points but there is no change, see your doctor!

That’s all about the cause of headache on top of the head and the way to solve it. May the information above be able to help you to solve headache problem suddenly.