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Learning About the Science of Headache Relief Pressure Points that Many People Haven’t Known

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Treating headaches by using a headache relief pressure points is now used more often. Some studies also show that doing massage therapy at this point can actually relieve headaches quickly. One study that supports this theory is a small study conducted by experts in 2002. Here the scientists investigated how massage at certain points turned out to solve this. It will help overcome the problem of headaches ranging from mild to chronic. For those of you who often experience headache problems, it never hurts to do a massage. You can do a massage at a certain point to get rid of the pain. The following explanation will discuss about the headache relief pressure points.

Union Valley

One of the pressure points for the headache relief diagram is in the union valley section. For its own position, this point is between the thumb and index finger. To treat headaches, you can start by pinching ​​the thumb area with the index finger in the opposite direction. Do it strongly but not painful for about 10 seconds. After that you can make small circles with thumbs in this area in one direction and another. Repeat this until the headache feels better. Please note that some people often refer to this method with the acupressure point on hand headache relief.

Bamboo Drilling

For the next massage is the Bamboo Drilling. The massage point is on both sides of the nose curve that meets the back of the brow. Some people use this point to treat unbearable headaches. How to do? You can use both index fingers to give strong pressure to both points at once. Next release and repeat the method for a few minutes until you feel better. Usually this method is more useful because it can relieve headaches caused by eye fatigue or pressure.

Gates of Consciousness

For this pressure point’s at the base of the skull in a parallel hollow area between two vertical neck muscles. To use it you only need to place your index and middle fingers from both hands to the pressure point. Be sure to press it harder and do it for less than 10 minutes. Applying strong touches to these pressure points help relieve headaches caused by neck tension.

Shoulder well

One more way you can deal with the problem of headaches is by stepping on the shoulder point. Shoulder Well itself is on the shoulder and base of your neck. To use these press points you only need to press them using the thumb from one hand. The pressure given must be circular and strong for 1 minute. After that, switch and repeat on the opposite side. Massaging firmly on the pressure point of shoulder well can help relieve stiffness in your neck and shoulders. In addition it also relieves neck pain and prevents headaches.

That’s a little information about the headache relief pressure points. Hopefully the information above can help you in dealing with headaches that can sometimes disrupt activities. May it be useful!