how to stop a stuffy nose

Here are the Tips on How to Stop a Stuffy Nose Easily

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How to stop a stuffy nose, a stuffy nose problem is really annoying. Especially if the condition attacks when we have a lot of outdoor activities. Most people think that the main reason for nasal congestion is the result of too much mucus in the nasal passages. Even if it is traced medically, nasal congestion is actually caused by inflammation of the vessels of the sinuses. The inflammation is generally caused or triggered by colds, flu, sinus infections, allergies and much more.

Regardless of the cause of the stuffy nose, there are many easy ways that you can do to alleviate the problem of a stuffy nose. Be sure to take medication when you feel the symptoms. Because if you let it go, it could be that your nasal congestion is getting worse. Here are some ways you can do it when your nose is blocked so you can breathe better.

How to stop a stuffy nose
How to stop a stuffy nose

How to Stop a Stuffy Nose Instantly

  1. Using air humidifiers
    How to stop a stuffy nose instantly and safely for body? Using air moisturizers is proven to reduce sinus problems and also relieve stuffy nose problems easily and quickly. As is known that this machine will convert water into water vapor which can slowly fill the air and can also increase the humidity of your room. Inhaling the resulting damp air can actually make the irritated tissue quieter. In addition, using this moisturizer will also thin the mucus in your sinuses.
  1. Warm Water Bath
    The next way you can do to treat the problem of nasal congestion easily and quickly is to take a shower using warm water. Why is that? You need to know that taking a bath using warm water is believed to help thin mucus in the nasal passages and also reduce inflammation problems. By doing this, you’re breathing returns to more normal even for a while.
  1. Inhale Warm Steam
    In addition to bathing using warm water, it turns out that breathing warm water can also be used to get rid of stuffy nose easily and quickly. In doing this you have to be more careful. Do not let the hot water contained in the container you use hit your face.
  1. Use a Warm Compress
    One more easy way you can do to overcome the problem of nasal congestion is to compress it using warm water. As it is known that warm water compresses can help remove nasal congestion by opening the nasal passages from the outside. Making a compress is very easy. You only need to soak the towel first with water. Then squeeze the water from the towel and fold it and place it on your nose and forehead. The warmth that emerges from the towel will provide comfort and also help reduce the inflammation that occurs in your nostrils. This one method can repeat several times until the nose is relieved to be used to breathe again.

How to Stop a Stuffy When Sleeping

  1. Take Antihistamine Before Sleeping
    How do you get rid of stuffy nose when you sleep? One way you can do this is to always try to take antihistamines before going to bed. Most people believe that taking these drugs can actually control your nose, which often clears or secretes fluids.
  1. Clean the Bedroom
    The next thing you need to do before going to bed is to make sure that your bed is in a clean condition. If you have a pet, make sure he or she is not in one room with you because this will only worsen your condition now. So be sure to pay attention to this one thing.
  1. Drinking Water before Sleeping
    How to stop a stuffy when sleeping exactly? One more tip that you can do to get rid of stuffy nose easily is by increasing drinking water before going to bed. As is known that water has a lot of vitamins that are very good for the body. Because so that natural diseases can heal quickly, be sure to get used to drinking water before going to bed.

So, it was just a little brief information about how to deal with stuffy nose when sleeping quickly and easily. Do not forget to do it regularly so that the problem of nasal congestion that you experience now is more quickly treated. Hopefully the information about “how to stop a stuffy nose” is useful and helps you in the future.