The Convenience of Home Sleep Study

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Home sleep study is used for identifying sleep apnea in someone. There are millions of people suffering from this condition, so it makes sense to take a test if you have some of the common symptoms. This test is taken at home, meaning that you don’t have to pay a doctor visit to figure out your sleep problem. However, certain equipment will still be necessary. You can go to a nearby sleep center to get this equipment. As for the test itself, you can do it at home.

Home Sleep Study

Benefits: Home Sleep Study

The main benefit of taking a home test is that you have the convenience to do it at anytime. Besides, you have more time to collect information. If you don’t know how to make a diagnosis based on the collected data, talking to a physician is still recommended. Another benefit it has to offer is it costs lower than an in-lab test. If you don’t have insurance to do this expensive test, then the home version can be a substitute. It’s also suitable for people with chronic illnesses that need to be monitored closely.


There are a few requirements before taking a test. First, you have to skip napping. Even if it’s a light nap, it might still affect the results. However, you still need to follow your daily routine. There is no need to change anything besides the first requirement. Another change you need to make is stopping caffeine intake.

Remember that caffeinated drinks like coffee are known stimulants. Drinking them will surely affect your sleep pattern especially when you have low tolerance to caffeine. Are you on meds right now? This may also interfere with the test. If you’re doing the test with your doctor, he will probably ask questions about your current meds and want you to lay them off for a while until the test is finished.

What to do

Once you know all the requirements, time to go to a sleep clinic. This is the place to get necessary equipment for the test. If there is a delivery option, you can use it especially if the clinic is a little too far from your house. The good thing about picking up it yourself is that you can ask questions just in case you’re still unsure about how to use it. After all, it needs to be used according to the directions.

Otherwise, the results may not be accurate. If you can call them up, then just talk by phone. Just make sure everything is well-understood before the test is performed. It usually requires you to attach the sensors to the body. After that, there is a button that you have to push right before bed, so that the monitoring can start.