How to go to sleep

Step by Step How To Go To Sleep

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How to go to sleep is the way that many people search to get a better quality sleeping. Some people cannot sleep on their demand because they cannot control their brain. The brain will give a command to sleep if supporting by the proper environment. It can also support the body to be relax and sleepy.

Some people with sleep issues cannot push themselves to sleep. However, actually they can control the hours, or the schedule of sleep, or so on. So, here are some steps on how to go to slep and stay asleep all night naturally. This is the best and easy step you can do at your home.

Step 1 how to go to sleep: 2 Hours Before Bedtime

The first step is the list of what you need to do 2 hours before the bedtime. There are few things that are prohibited to do in bed. If you are already in bed, you just need to sleep and there is no other activities to do. First thing first you have to turn off your TV, radio, or even music. The voice of the TV or radio will increase the noise. That’s why it will be better to decrease the noise and it can stimulate your brain to relax and sleepy.

How to go to sleep easier next step is to reduce the light. If you have a sleeping light or table light, you can turn it on. The lamp light should be turn off. Lighting is the main factor of sleeping because it can stimulate the brain to stay awake. With a dime light, it will be easier to get relax. Another light that you need to turn off is your light of phone, tablet, or computer screen. If you are in a bed, you don’t need to use your gadget. The blue light wave is really bad for your sleeping time.

This 2 hours before bed is your last time to take your sugary or spicy food. They contain a bad ingredients. Hot and spicy food will increase the risk of heartburn while the sugary food will boost energy. The energy hat you don’t need when you are sleeping. The sugary food will make you awake all the time because you are full of energy.

Step 2 how to go to sleep: 1 Hour Before Bedtime

If you can’t stay asleep for more than an hour, it means you have to lower your thermostat. The temperature will also play an important role for you to fall asleep. The temperature of the environment will give signal to the body and brain.

The hot environment makes you cannot stay sleepy and wake you up. That’s why one hour before bedtime, you need to reset your thermostat. A cool environment will help the body to relax. Dark and cool environment as if you were in a cave will work well to have a good slep. To have a dark environment you can start to turn off your device.

Step 3 how to go to sleep: 30 Minutes Before Bedtime

People usually need 30 minutes laying in a bed before go to sleep. In the early 30 minutes, you can take a bath before sleeping. It is the best way to sleep for better blood circulation. You can take a bath with warm water. It will also increase your body temperature and make it more relax. The bathe is a correct way to get a good slep, but you don’t need to wash your hair. The wet hair is not a good idea because it makes you sleeping uncomfortably.

How to go to sleep will also depend on the consistency of our sleeping schedule. It will be better to have a good schedule to avoid any sleep disorder.