how to help a stuffy nose

How to Help a Stuffy Nose Fast And Naturally Without Any Medicine? These Are The Ways

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How to help a stuffy nose  fast, safely and easily? Maybe you have had this nose problem. What do you feel? Those are upset, moody, lazy to do activities, and many complaints that certainly arise when you experience it. Disorders of the nose are quite troublesome. Moreover, if you experience it along with headaches and colds, of course you will feel very frustrated, right?

Actually, what is the main cause of the stuffy nose? This disease is actually caused by flu, runny nose, allergies, irritation, and sinusitis which is not treated properly. As a result of treatment that is not optimal, the nose also produces excess mucus which causes swelling and inflammation.

Apart from those already mentioned, the blocked blood can also be caused by serious illness and quite severe. These diseases include tumors, nasal polyps, non-allergic rhinitis, enlarged thyroid glands, thyroid gland disorders, or syndrome. Of course, it will get worse if you don’t treat it. Of course, treatment must be based on a doctor’s instructions. Then, is there another way that can be done to overcome this disease other than checking with a doctor or taking medication? There are many. You can find it below:

How to Help a Stuffy Nose Naturally Safely And Easily

how to help a stuffy nose
How to help a stuffy nose

How to help a stuffy nose fast, naturally and easily? You check them all in the information below:

Compress with Warm Water

The easiest way you can do is to compress the forehead and nose area with warm water. Warm water is considered to be able to calm a person’s condition during illness. Compress is also believed to reduce inflammation that occurs in the nose. How to compress is quite easy. You need to prepare towels and warm water. After that, put the towel and squeeze until the water is wasted and then apply to the area in question.

Using Apple Vinegar

How to help a stuffy nose without medicine? Natural ingredients those are also capable of overcoming nasal congestion, which is apple vinegar. This vinegar is a natural liquid that contains acetic acid and potassium. The content serves to help remove mucus in the nose that has a lot of content. In addition, it can also be used to prevent the growth of bacteria that harm the body.


The method that is also often done by most people is breathing steam. Steam can indeed make your nose relax and light. You can evaporate by brewing warm water and mixing it with certain substances such as essential oils or other substances that are useful in relieving nasal congestion.

Eat Spicy Food

Chili has a decongestant that can help thin mucus from the lungs. In addition, it also has a capsaicin content which plays a role in reducing swelling in the nasal area. Consumption of spicy food is indeed considered to relieve congestion. However, you also should not overdo it in order not to cause other disturbances that are more complicated.

Using Saline Water

For those of you who are experiencing a stuffy nose and want to recover quickly safely, you can use homemade Saline water to treat it. This water is proven to reduce congestion disorders by thinning the mucus produced by the nose.


One of the natural ways you can deal with nasal congestion is to use basil. This kitchen ingredient has ingredients that play a role in antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, and anti-bacterial properties. This content is believed to relieve nasal congestion safely.

Consuming Ginger

Ginger has anti-inflammatory properties that can relieve nasal congestion due to accumulated mucus. In addition, it can also increase immunity so that the body becomes immune to irritating minor illnesses such as flu, runny nose, or congestion. To consume ginger, you can rub it with warm water and drink it slowly

Using Mint Leaves

One effective way of dealing with stuffy nose is to use mint leaves. In mint leaves there is a menthol content which plays a role in loosening the nerves contained in the hydrophobic hole. Menthol content is allegedly able to help smooth the human breathing by reducing mucus production and cleaning the nasal passages.

That was a natural way you can overcome stuffy nose. Other effective ways include consuming tomatoes and garlic. If in this way your disease is still not cured, you should immediately see a doctor. Hopefully the discussion about “how to help a stuffy nose fast” can add knowledge to you!