How To Help A Stuffy Nose Fast? Do These Activities!

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How to help a stuffy nose actually? Nasal congestion is a health disorder that attacks the respiratory tract. People who experience this disorder will feel uncomfortable because they will have difficulty speaking and difficulty breathing. For some people, healing this disorder can be done immediately because indeed with increasing time, he will recover as well. However, many people also complain that their health problems don’t heal, even though they have done various ways such as taking medicines from a doctor for example. Actually, even without drugs, you can relieve this problem in your nose. This can be done by doing positive activities that are animated to relieve nasal congestion such as drinking lots of water, breathing hot water, and much more.

What Is A Stuffy Nose?

Then, what is a stuffy nose actually? Maybe some of you don’t understand in detail about this health disorder. Generally people think that a stuffy nose occurs when a person experiences coughs and colds. Yes, this assumption is true, however, there are still other factors that cause this disease to arise in your body. They are flu, allergies, to acute sinusitis that starts from coughs and colds.

What is a stuffy nose in our life? Nasal congestion occurs when there is swelling in the nasal area caused by excessive blood flow in the nose. this is what makes the airway obstruction occur. How to help a stuffy nose? Generally, this nasal disorder will heal in a vulnerable period of 7 to 10 days. So, when you feel the symptoms of this disorder, it’s a good idea to take care of it immediately so that you don’t bother with this annoying disease.

How to cure a runny stuffy nose quickly
How to cure a runny stuffy nose quickly

How to Help A Stuffy Nose Fast And Easily?

How to help a stuffy nose fast? There are many ways to treat nasal congestion. To find out, see the information below to the end!

1. Use Compresses

One way you can remove nasal congestion is by using compresses. This serves to relax your body, especially on the face. How to use compresses is quite easy, namely by immersing the towel into warm water and then squeeze it and place it on the forehead and around the nose. This method is believed to provide comfort to patients and prevent inflammation.

2. Use A Saline Spray To Your Nose

Saline spray is known as a spray which is used for solving any problem in your nose. So, this is very comfortable and safe. If you can’t find it in the store or you don’t have enough money to buy it, you can make it yourself using salt and warm water which is put in a spray bottle. This method can relieve inflammation of the nose and make mucus in the nose can flow into the throat easily. Usually some Saline spray is also equipped with decongestant medication when you buy it. But don’t use them in over usage because it can affect your health.

3. Keep Hydrated

Dehydrated body will be susceptible to disease. The best way to avoid health problems such as nasal congestion can be done by doing activities that are beneficial to the body such as drinking lots of mineral water, exercising frequently, and consuming healthy drinks such as juice for example. These methods will make you stay hydrated even though a blocked nose is attacking. As a result, in this way your nasal congestion will subside for a while.

4. Take A Shower

Maybe some of you feel confused why a shower can relieve a stuffy nose. The fact that happened is true. You can take a shower with hot water which will help you feel a better condition than before. In addition, it also helps mucus in the nose out and reduces inflammation that occurs. Of course, in this way, you can relieve your stuffy nose while feeling the sensation of hot water on the body.

5. Use A Humidifier

This one tool is already famous for relieving nasal congestion. You can breathe the aroma to overcome the irritation that occurs in your nose. As a result, mucus in your nose will easily come out so that it can make it easier for you to breathe again.

That was a way to deal with nasal congestion. How to help a stuffy nose when sleeping? For those of you who happen to experience a stuffy nose at night, you can do a quick way to relieve it. These methods include eating chicken noodle soup, drink hot tea, try a facial steam, take a hot shower, gargle with salt water, and others. Hopefully information about “how to help a stuffy nose” can help you overcome complaints of your stuffy nose!