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How to not Snore? Find out What Cause of Snoring

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How to not snore? To be happy and to enjoy the life fullest are the important part to be healthy. It is never to early or late to work being the healthiest you. Today, more than 95% of all the chronic diseases is caused by food you choose. However, it is not the only reason, there is something more dangerous then. Those are your activities and something not realized, such as snoring while sleeping.

Do you sleep next someone who snore? Or maybe you are the one with the issue? Someone snoring does not realize about it instead the other tell them then. How to not snore? Snoring is a danger sign for you having a diseases. It based on Detroit AS’ research. Furthermore, they said that snoring is more dangerous than smoking. Someone died caused of snoring. Why did it happen? Because snoring loudly can be indicated a heart disease. It is better that you have to know the way how to not snore.

How to not snore
How to not snore while sleeping on back

How to not Snore?

To know the way how to not snore, better that you know the causes and type of snoring. There are some types of snoring. The first is closed-mouth snoring, it indicate that you have problem in your tongue. The second, open-mouth snoring, can be indicate with tissue in your throat. The third, Snoring when sleeping on your back. There is something wrong with your sleep position. Then snoring in all sleep position. It is not because of all the causes bellow, so you should check to your doctor.

The Causes of Snoring

Before knowing how to stop snoring permanently, it is suggested you have to know why it happen. You know well snoring sound like and how it annoy you in bed time. However, what the causes it can happen. The biological background is when you sleep, of the muscles relax both in the body and your neck also your throat area. Something decrease how much space is in your airways is your relaxation. It can sometimes lead to snore. Basically, there are some causes the snoring happen.


Some people snore when sleeping is because their full activities. Full day work take so much energy. You should manage your energy between work and rest. It also need the balance nutrition for your body, choosing the healthiest food is a must for you. This is the good step how to not snore.


As you are growing up and be mature, especially when you reach in middle age, the throat be narrower than before. Decreasing the muscle tone in your throat also happen. We cannot deny growing up, so you should find the right way to stop snoring.

Obesity or overweight

Overweight is not generally the reason of snoring. But almost of people snoring caused of their weight. The basic caused of snoring is the poor muscle tone. Carrying weight of excess around throat or neck can be a cause of snoring.

Sleep position

When you are sleeping in flat or supine position flesh your throat to relax and block your airways. It has been an issue. The poor posture when sleeping can narrow your airway. You have to take care the way you sleep.

Alcohol and smoking

To consume too much alcohol and cigarette is not only bad thing for your body. It also can be a reason you snore while sleeping. They relax the muscles in your throat which can contribute to snore. How to stop snoring? Of course stop or reduce it.

An issue of your mouth, nose or throat

Sometime we do not realize what wrong with our body. Some signs appear in unusual habit. How about snoring? It is naturally happen to all of people. Then the worse is men doing it more than women. If you have the good habit and good, snoring still happen to you it is better you check it to your doctor then.

Obstructive sleep apnea

Snoring is one of sleep apnea sign. Why it happen is because the airway does not flow fluently. The result of poor muscle tone of the tongue and throat, too much tissue in your throat, a soft palate and uvula that is too long, and blocked nasal passages are some of the causes snoring.

Nasal and Sinus problem

Some of the common causes of sinus problem are colds, flu, allergens, and pollutants. You have to protect your sinus to avoid snoring. It easy How to protect it. Such as take a good habit washing your hands, getting a flu shot yearly, eat a balance diet and take exercise routinely, stop smoking, don’t consume the antibiotic overly, use a saline nasal solution, keep our windows closed, clean the   room and avoid dust.

The Way to Stop Snoring Naturally

Snoring is getting worse while you growing old. Do you want to stop snoring permanently? Let’s try to solve it naturally and change your lifestyle. How to stop snoring naturally is easy step to do. Although the chronic diseases are caused of snoring, don’t push your mind up to failed stopping it. You should find the easy and natural solving before take a deep way. These are some of techniques to get better in snoring:

Lose 10% of your weight

The overweight person usually has thick neck tissue. It is possible the risk of snoring. Losing your weight just 10% can decrease your snoring while sleep. A little bit losing weight can help you to reduce fatty tissue in the back of the throat and stop snoring naturally. Just keeping consume healthy food and decrease consuming sweet food.


General exercise can reduce your loud snoring. When your tone various muscles   in your body tone leads to toning the muscle in your throat, which in turn can lead a less snoring. There are some kind of exercises those can reduce your snoring. These following easy exercise how to not snore and can solve your problem:

  1. Repeating say vowel “O I U E O” every day for a few minutes
  2. Place your tip of tongue behind your top front teeth. Move your tongue backward around three minutes everyday
  3. Close your mouth and shrink your lips then hold it around 30 seconds
  4. The simplest exercise is singing. It can help you to reduce snoring.

Change your sleeping position

The next step how to not snore is change your sleeping position. The best position to avoid snoring is sleeping on your side instead of your back. You can use tennis ball to help you making a habit sleeping on your side. Everyone has their way position while sleeping. And it will be quiet difficult to change the habit. Furthermore, we are in unconscious time.

You can try hanging the tennis ball on back of your pajama or t-shirt. Using sock for covering the ball is better. So, when you are sleeping, the ball will push you to stay in side. It will be not comfortable when you move to or roll over to your back. The other option, you can put a big pillow on your back. This way can help you to stop snoring immediately.

Stop smoking and limit your alcohol

For smoker addict, it is hard to stop smoking. Even if you have tried to get healthy life. Smoking is danger for both the smoker and people around them. If you can stop it, too much benefit will you get. Smoking is one of the cause snoring laud. It can irritate your membranes in the nose and throat, it can block the way you take air. Consuming alcohol also the biggest reason why you snore then. Avoid to consume it less than 2 hours before sleep.

Keep your bed room moist

Dry air can irritate your nose membranes. Thus if the problem is your swollen nasal tissues, keep your room moist is the solving. Besides that, the clean room help you more to avoid snoring and healthy life. Give your room enough ventilation. This is a good how to not snore.

Take enough sleep

Enough sleep is very important keeping your balance body and to avoid exhausted. Make sure that you have seven to eight hour time for sleep every night.

How to not snore
How to not snore less while sleeping

If you have done to all the self-strategy without solution and success, you don’t need to give up. There is always a way to solve for all your problem. You should try medical treatment. You can have a primary physician or to an Otolaryngologist (ear, nose, and throat doctor or ENT). Even if they recommend something good or uncomfortable, never be doubt to try it. There are some medical cures for snoring. They are Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP), laser-assisted Uvulopalatoplasty (LAUP), Palatal implants, Somnoplasty, and Surgical procedure.

Snoring is danger for your health and that’s why we discuss how to not snore. There are some diseases causing of snoring. Especially when you snore loudly. Snoring can effect of heart disease. The other is obstructive sleep apnea. Sleep apnea create several problems, such as interrupt of breathing, waking from sleep that effect your sleeping time, and low oxygen level in the blood.

The most dangerous effect of snoring is it can disturb your partner. No metter how much they love you, or love each other, snoring can put bad effect in your relationship. Not only you, but also them can have a sleeping problem. They can have not enough sleep cause of wake up in the night. Such a quote by Anthony Burgess “laugh and the world laughs with you, Snore and you sleep alone.”

So the discussion about find out what cause of snoring and how to not snore? I hope this article can be useful for all of us.