how to stop a runny nose

How to Stop a Runny Nose Easily and Safely? See The Ways Here!

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how to stop a runny nose

How to stop runny nose? One problem of nose disorders that makes people sick and cannot stand is runny nose. Returned, snoring occurs in the morning or at night because of the cold temperature. Actually, looking for a serious problem, it can be recovered quickly if you know the trick. Unlike sinusitis which will take time in treatment.

Besides being due to temperature, the stuffy nose is caused by bad condition which makes snot will flow every time and make it difficult to save it many times. Snot itself comes from mucus made by mucous membranes in experiments that are actually trapping bacteria and allergens but vice versa. When this membrane is successful, it will produce excess mucus and has a thick texture and discoloration.

There are several stuffy nose causes. The main causes are colds, allergies, flu, and sinusitis. Of course, it is published in patients with sex disorders to remove the mucus that is in the law and not breathe it back. Inhaling mucus that comes out will make the bacteria in the air around you go back into the nose, resulting in more mucus coming out. The way to remove it is quite easy, just by removing one side of the nostril, then, slowly removing it and doing the same with the other side.

How to Stop Runny Nose Quickly and Easily?

How to stop a runny nose fast for sufferers who experience it? For those of you who are now or often having difficulty getting runny nose, you don’t need to be confused and confused about how to deal with it. There are several easy ways you can do it yourself without having to see a doctor or take drugs that provide side effects. The following is a quick and safe way to deal with:

Inhale Hot Steam

According to some references, breathing hot water can relieve the condition of a nose filled with fluid. This has also been proven by several studies in the world which state that steam is considered to be quite effective in dealing with flu patients which causes runny noses. Inhaling steam can also speed up recovery time. To get steam, you can brew hot or warm water, both ordinary water and water that has been mixed with other substances such as essential oils, for example. In addition to warm water, you can also get steam from an air humidifier called a humidifier. This machine can produce steam in your room so it is very effective in curing runny nose. If the two methods have not helped you, you can get steam by taking a bath using warm water. In addition to making the body more comfortable, the steam produced also helps thin the mucus to be easily removed.

Drink Plenty of Water

How to stop Runny nose instantly and easily without consuming drugs? One of the simplest ways is to drink water. When you experience a runny nose, you must keep your body temperature to keep it normal so you don’t get dehydrated. Do you know? By drinking water, you can help mucus in your nose become more watery, so that it will be very easily removed from your nose. in addition, this method can also reduce excessive pressure on the sinuses, which will make this channel experience inflammation and irritation. Not only can you drink mineral water, you can drink warm water like tea or eat soup that is still warm. Or if you don’t like both, you can drink juices that are rich in nutrients. However, in this condition, you are strongly advised to drink warm water such as tea water, ginger, mint leaves, or other.

Make Salt Spray

How to stop runny nose with salt? Salt is one type of decongestant drug that can thin mucus in the nose. in addition, it will also increase the moisture in the nose so that the mucus in it will be easy to clean. Well, for a more efficient and flexible use, you can make water-based sprays with a doctor’s instructions. How to make it is quite easy? You only need to prepare a container for mixing salt and boiled water. Then, add enough baking soda. After that, add the mixture to the bottle spray. Salt spray is ready to use. How to use it? You only need to put the bottle spray into one of the nostrils while tilting your head to one side.

Rest A Lot

When someone experiences a runny nose caused by flu and others, the energy in our body becomes drained. This sometimes makes the condition of the body become less fit. Rest is one of the best solutions to restore the body’s condition because of a runny nose. In addition, when you rest, you will make your nose more relaxed. This is what can make your runny nose get better quickly.

That was an explanation of runny nose. Another way that is also effective in curing runny nose is warm compresses, using air moisturizers, making saline drops, and using OTC drugs. Hopefully information about “How to stop a runny nose?” can be useful!