how to stop a runny nose

How to Stop a Runny Nose Instantly Without Medicine

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How to stop runny nose at the middle of night which constantly can disturb the air flowing through our nose. Stuffy Nose could be also sniffles case and it can make your hard to breathe. This condition is not easy to get rid of, because some cases might be caused by nasal illness or it is just due to allergies. The cause of runny nose is also influenced by extreme weather such as stormy day, too much air condition temperature, dusty workplace, and many things else. When you decide to see the Doctor, and she might use the term rhinorrhea. It is called the condition of the area in nasal flowing or discharging lot of mucus. So, it can produce more watery nasal secretions from inside your nose.

How to stop a runny nose instantly

Before getting worst your condition, try this at home how to stop a runny nose instantly. Of course, you do not have to drink some medicine. You know that some medicine make you to consume more and more after it works to get rid of stuffy nose. Believe that all you need is available in your kitchen.

  1. Have plenty of fluids or drinking water
    Prevent influenza virus before getting worst, you have to drink fluids to stop the mucus production inside the nose. For some who feels throat ache, water drinking is helpful. You have to make your body temperature warmer and it can prevent you of fever. It is not allowed to consume cold water, soda, alcohol, yogurt, and another canned or packaging drinking water. Sometimes it is better way to prevent than cure the disease. It is only temporary to stop drinking cold water.
  1. Hot Teas with less of sugar
    How water is really effective to decrease runny nose even stuffy. This simple flavor drink such green tea is good for your health. Your Doctor agrees to ask you to have hot cup of tea before bed time. It can also prevent toxic such as influenza virus which comes from bad air and pollution around you. However, consuming a lot of tea with less sugar is not recommended way. At least you want to end up stuffy nose instantly rather than taking medicine. If you do not like hot tea, you can change it with ginger. As we know that ginger is effective to warm inside the body.
  1. Aromatherapy Oil
    There are various aromatherapy oils can you have for this time. Not all of aromatherapy oil is for massage and skincare. Eucalyptus oil is the best aromatherapy oil to help your runny nose. Moreover, ointments and balms has good benefits to thin mucus. Prepare a bowl of hot water which has been added with few drops of eucalyptus oil. You need a towel to breathe through this bowl. This method is called steaming by using hot water with adding some drops of Eucalyptus. You can also place the aromatherapy equipment with Eucalyptus favor in your room.
  1. Eat spicy food
    Did you know? Korean people love to eat spicy food. They believe by eating spicy food such as gravy instant noodles, it is helpful to prevent the rainy nose. Maybe some people will say it is nonsense, but it is very instant way probably nobody can refuse soup and another spicy food to warm the body.

Another simple act how to stop a runny nose fast

how to stop a runny nose

People always do bad habits which are rather hard to leave. Believe this another simple act hot to stop a runny nose fast. You should turn off air conditioner in your bedroom or if it is not possible, stay at the lower temperature. Both of body and temperature must be stable at least your body temperature is warmer. Never sleep in open air when you are getting trouble in stuffy nose. It is better to warm your body near the fireplace.

Now you know how to stop runny nose instantly. Make sure that the area around you is fresh air, clean, and not narrow. If this condition always happens to you, so it is better to consult this to the Doctor. You can have good advice how to prevent stuffy nose before hard weather. Do not forget to stay health and do mini exercise inside home.