How to Stop Snoring for Good

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There are many inexpensive ways to stop snoring. This condition doesn’t always result from something serious. You probably just need to change sleep position to make it go away. Do you often sleep on your back? This could be the reason why. Sleeping in this position has the tendency to make your mouth open, which will eventually lead to breathing through the mouth. As a result, a loud noise could be heard. Here’s how to stop snoring:

Install a humidifier

Some people snore occasionally in winter. A lack of moisture in the air can trigger this issue. If you notice that you snore during this particular season and you never had it before, then it’s a good idea to install a humidifier in your bedroom. You can also add essential oils for aromatherapy. This treatment works great on some people.

How to Stop Snoring


One of the major causes of snoring is obesity. Medications will mean nothing if you don’t fix the actual cause. If your weight is far from ideal, then do something to get it closer to the desired BMI. It’s difficult to lose weight especially if you don’t like doing exercise. Watching calorie intake although effective may not work for some people.

Exercise is still the best option considering it helps burn stored fat in the body. Combine it with intermittent fasting for the best results. During the fasting period, the body will convert fat deposits into energy if there’s no more glucose to use. There are various exercises you can do. It doesn’t need to be intense like weightlifting. Cycling or jogging can also burn plenty of calories if you do it long enough.

Sleep sideways

As said earlier, having a proper sleep position can prevent and cure snoring. Sleeping on the back has long been associated with snoring. That’s because when we position the body this way, the soft palate would create a vibration because it falls to the back of the throat. If this is what you’re dealing with, then it could be solved by sleeping sideways. Support your head with a pillow, so that you don’t open your mouth unconsciously during sleep.

Get rid of stuffy nose

If you started to snore after having a stuffy nose, the blockage in the nasal passages could probably the cause. You need to cure the disease first and the snoring will go away on its own. There are many ways to cure a stuffy nose, like using a decongestant spray. This works by constricting the blood vessels in the nasal lining.

Once the breathing airway is cleared of any obstruction, you can breathe freely again. However, many people are reluctant to use decongestant sprays because they can cause dependency. So for a more natural approach, you can inhale a steam, instead.