Insomnia Treatment that Might Work for You

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Insomnia is the inability of falling asleep. People with this issue often seek various treatments, but they failed to deliver good results. Insomnia may or may not lead to more serious issues. Some sufferers said that they became more easily irritated after putting up with it for long enough. Others said that it affected their daily lives, making it hard to concentrate and do anything. A lack of energy often follows, which is unfortunate especially for those who need to work at daytime. There are a few insomnia treatment choices you can try.

Make a schedule

Teach yourself to sleep at the same time every day. Don’t make an excuse to postpone that. If you need to finish your work, do it earlier. Changing your sleep time will affect your natural sleep cycle, which could make your insomnia worse.

Insomnia Treatment

Read a book

Reading is better than watching TV at stimulating sleepiness. That’s because watching tends to enhance attention. While reading also requires focus and attention, your eyes could get tired eventually from seeing the lines of text.

Avoid caffeine

Caffeine is a double-edged sword. People who need to stay awake for a bit longer would usually drink a cup of coffee because it’s a known stimulant. On the other hand, extreme alertness can trigger insomnia. It’s not just coffee. Basically any drink with caffeine in it can increase your alertness.

Those drinks include green tea, sodas, and hot chocolate. It’s okay to drink caffeine, just not close to bedtime as it only worsens your sleep issues. Watching its intake is also important. Having too much coffee means it takes longer for the effect to wear off.

Pee before bed

The need to pee can be hard to resist even when you’re sleeping. The body will tell you to wake whenever the bladder needs to be emptied. People who are on diuretics may face this issue. If you’re not taking anything, then make sure you have peed before bed, so that you don’t wake up at night. This is similar to having sleep apnea. Sleep apnea makes it harder to have a deep sleep because the stages of sleep are constantly disrupted. This can cause someone to develop insomnia.

Take melatonin

Melatonin can be used as a sleep aid if your trouble sleeping doesn’t go away on its own. Consult your doctor, so that he can prescribe the right dosage for you. Although effective, a melatonin supplement should be taken with caution to prevent potential side effects. Melatonin concentration in the body decreases with age, meaning that older people will benefit from supplements more than the younger crowd. If you’re young with insomnia, other treatments may be just as effective.