is sleep apnea a disability

Is Sleep Apnea A Disability For People? Don’t Miss The Information Here

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Is sleep apnea a disability for someone who has it? Talking about this disorder, you may have been familiar. Sleep apnea is a sleep disorder which can make you stop breathing when you are a sleep. In this condition, your body and your brain automatically can’t get enough oxygen. It may happen just for minutes, but, if it always happens to your sleep, it can be indicated that you need to be treated. People with having no good night sleep is significant to be more emotional. Of course, it will make their performance worse every day. If this habit can’t be stopped yet, of course you will get some problems may occur because of this condition such as high blood pressure, diabetes, heart attack, and others.

Getting Better Sleep with National Sleep Foundation

is sleep apnea a disability

National Sleep Foundation is one of organizations associated by USA which is very useful for people who want to know more about sleep and sleep disorders. It has a website that can be visited for everyone. In the site, you can find out all of things related to sleep from how to get professional sleep, sleep disorder, American sleep, lifestyle, and so on.

National sleep foundation can be used for you who want make your sleep better and it can be your own therapy at home. By following the instruction to get better sleep, you will reach your goal in reducing sleep apnea. The effect may not directly feel but long by long as you do it routinely, you will definitely get your goal.

Sleep Apnea Is A Disability, Is It True?

It can be said that sleep apnea is a disability which a person feels during they sleep. People who have this disorder can be seen from the symptoms happening to them. can a person with sleep apnea get disability? The answer is yes. It is a disability is probably faced by men or women. But, commonly people who have this sleep disorder is men. The symptoms that can be seen that indicates you having this sleep disorder are having loud snoring, sleep lack, gasping, restlessness, and so on. This condition can affect your body and brain. The effect you may feel such as lack of memory, daytime sleepiness, and hypertension, negative effects on personality, disorientation, and cognitive abilities due to fatigue disturbance.

Sleep Apnea Treatment

Commonly, sleep apnea has two types named obstractive sleep apnea and central sleep apnea. Both of them have the risk itself. But, the second type will appear if you don’t treat the first type immediately. Of course, the second type may note you that your condition become worse. So what to do? Sleep apnea short term disability may not be going to give much risk but how if you have this condition for short term? Absolutely having treatment is important. One of treatment method that has been trusted by many people is CPAP or Constant Positive Air Pressure. This method of surgery will help you to reduce your disability in breathing during sleep. The surgery done is for making the airway open by using the constant stream. If the airway open, the oxygen must be able to come in your body and brain when you are asleep. If you have enough oxygen intake, your blood will also flow to your body entirely.

Social Security Disability for Sleep Apnea

Now, you don’t need to be worried anymore if you have already had sleep apnea, a disability condition. You can get social security disability sleep apnea. It is confirmed that sleep disorder such sleep apnea has been listed in the Social Security Administration’s listing of Impairments Manual or the blue book. You can find it out in section 3.10 about Sleep-related breathing disorders. The social security disability will evaluate the conditions people may face such as Chronic Cor Pulmonate and Organic Mental Disorders. You will get many benefits this social security disability application.

It was a little information about sleep apnea as a disability people face. Treating yourself start from the first you know that you have the symptoms is recommended. The benefits are you will not likely get much risk, your sleep will be more productive, and other positive things you will feel. Now, you don’t need worry when you ask “is sleep apnea a disability?” because you have known how to solve it.