is sleep apnea dangerous

Is Sleep Apnea Dangerous For Our Life? Get The Answer Now!

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Is sleep apnea dangerous for your life? You may ask this question to ensure whether it is true that sleep apnea has so much danger or not. Most of people will say “yes, it is”. All know that one of sleep disorders which is popular is sleep apnea. What is this? This is one of the conditions when you stop your breathing during your sleep. Seeing from this condition, of course it is so dangerous. Beside you can’t get enough oxygen intake, you will also get some problems in your body, such as high blood, diabetes, or other dangerous diseases which may bring you into death.

Organization Related To Sleep Disorders Including Sleep Apnea

is sleep apnea dangerous
Is sleep apnea dangerous

Talking about sleep apnea, we also have to know about something related to this, such as the solving problem, the activity you should do, and the reason why you got this disease, and the effect of untreated sleep apnea life expectancy, and many more. Solving this sleep disorder can be easy if you try to keep your health and take care yourself more. You can do it by paying attention to your habit especially sleep habit. If you want to know more about how to get good sleep and what to do or other things related to sleep habit, you can get much information from one of popular organizations built by USA. It is called national sleep foundation.

National sleep foundation inform anything related to sleep, such as how to get good sleep, anything can disorder sleep, how to have good habit, what the right lifestyle is and others. From here, you learn the information to improve your daily habit. You can also try to understand how your sleep is whether it is good or not. Understanding sleep is necessary when you have got sleep apnea. It’s not necessary anymore but it is a must you have to do because sleep apnea is very dangerous for your health. How dangerous is this? See the list you are going to face if you have sleep apnea below!

The Danger You Will Face When You Have Sleep Apnea

  1. Getting High Blood Pressure
    One of the dangers you may face is high blood pressure. How could it be? Yes, it is caused by the hormone system on your body gets trouble which can boost your blood pressure. The trouble appears because you often wake up in the midnight. You also have no enough oxygen to breathe because your breathing may have stopped for hours. Little oxygen which is breathed will affect to your blood. Of course, your blood will be less oxygen and if it happens many times, you will probably get high blood pressure.
  2. The Risk Of Heart Disease
    People who suffer OSA is easy to get heart attack. Why? Because when you sleep, your breathing stopped so that the oxygen can’t come in easily. It means that the disease is caused by low oxygen intake and probably because of waking up often in during you sleep. If the oxygen intake is low, absolutely the work of the blood in your body will be disordered. Your blood can’t flow into your artery and brain easily. Heart attack is also one of the famous sleep apnea deaths.
  1. Having Type 2 Diabetes
    Other danger you may face if you have sleep apnea is the potential of getting type 2 diabetes. Generally it is caused by the over produced insulin in your body which also possibly causes by obesity. Although it is not really indicated that sleep apnea can occur type two diabetes, you should control your insulin intake to avoid unexpected thing. of course, if people think it is small thing, sleep apnea death will surely happen.
  1. Gaining Your Weight
    It is the reason why many Americans have fat body. It is caused by their bad habit such as consuming alcohol, smoking, eating junk food and others. But, do you know? Other reason which possibly makes them fat is that because they have sleep disorder called sleep apnea. Believe or not, this disorder make you difficult to stay slim. To treat it, you can do exercise or do activity which can make you cut your weight down.

Other danger which is possibly happening to you is Adult Asthma, and so on. May after you read about the danger of sleep apnea above, you can more care to your health especially in making profesional sleep. May the answer of “is sleep apnea dangerous?” can be understood well!