is sleep apnea hereditary

Is Sleep Apnea Hereditary For Family? Check the Answer Here

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Is sleep Apnea hereditary for your family? If you are an American, you may not shock with this sleep disorder. In the resource, almost 20 million Americans have this kind of sleep order. Yes, it is true that this disease can attack all people from every age, but, commonly it occurs for men. It might look so simple disease but if you don’t treat it start from now, your condition will become worse.

Sleep apnea has three types named obstructive apnea, central apnea, and mixed apnea. All of them have the symptoms itself. The type will feel step by step. It means that if you ignore the condition, you may come to the next type which is more dangerous. That’s why; having treatment after you’ve known that you are affected by sleep apnea is the best solution. If you don’t know how to take care your sleep or how to prevent sleep disorder, you can find out the information by seeing many articles written by national sleep foundation.

What is national sleep foundation? It is an organization built to help people getting information about sleep, sleep disorder, good lifestyle, profesional sleep, and etc. Here you will also learn how useful sleep for your life. It informs you what the impact of sleep is for your health and many more.

The Types Of Sleep Apnea You Need To Know

There are three types will be explained about the effect of each. Here you can see below:

  1. Obstructive Sleep Apnea
    This type commonly affects about 4% of men and 2% of women. The symptoms can be seen such as snoring, morning headaches, restless sleep, depression, and others. This type appearance is caused by any factors such as age, weight, natural causes, smoking, frequent alcohol use, and enlarged adenoids. The treatment for the first level of sleep apnea (type 1) is PAP Therapy (Positive Airway Pressure), Oral Appliance, and surgery.
  1. Central Sleep Apnea
    If the first level you don’t treat well, it’s very possible to get the next level. The symptoms you will feel is stopping breathing, chronic fatigue, mood changes, difficulty concentrating, and so on. It is caused by any factors such as obesity, heart failure, Parkinson’s disease, and medical conditions affect the brain stem. The treatments for this emergency level are CPAP or Continuous Positive Airway Pressure, BiPAP or bi-level positive airway pressure, medications, and so on.
  1. Mixed Sleep Apnea
    From the name, we all know that this is a combination of 2 types before. The optimal treatment is CPAP devices. If this treatment doesn’t work, the next recommended treatments are BiPAP and adaptive servo ventilation.

Sleep Apnea Can Be Hereditary For Family

is sleep apnea hereditary

If talking about how people could have sleep apnea, we directly point to bad lifestyle, such drinking alcohol, smoking, obesity, and many others. But, “is it a hereditary disorder?” is a big problem. You have learned about the types of sleep apnea above. One thing that you have to know, if your disease is worse and worse till you get some problems in your body, such as getting high blood pressure, type two diabetes, heart disease, metabolic disorder, and so on, will make you possibly bring the hereditary disease to your family especially your children.

We don’t know how possible sleep apnea will affect other family and also how the percentage. but, if one of your family has this sleep disorder which is in emergency level, it is very possible that you will be also affected. Who knows? Commonly besides asking your lifestyle, doctor will also ask about your family whether they have sleep apnea history or not. The suffering of this sleep disorder can be felt from every part of people, from children, teenagers, and adult, till old people, both men and women.

is infant sleep apnea hereditary from family? Is obstructive sleep apnea hereditary? Or is severe sleep apnea hereditary? Those questions have been answered above. Either infant sleep for baby or obstructive sleep or severe sleep, they can be caused by family history of sleep apnea. For example, all know that infant sleep which suffers baby is caused by the immune and medical condition. But it is possible if it happens because of heredity.

Understand your sleep is such an important thing you have to do. by understanding your sleep, you will have productive life, your sleep also will be useful for your health. You can also know the symptoms you may have which indicate to sleep apnea. See your doctor to tell what you have to do the next to solve your problem of sleep disorder. “Is sleep apnea hereditary?” has been answered in detail. May it be helpful!