Medication for Insomnia

Natural Medication for Insomnia Can Cure You

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Medication for insomnia will vary depending on what the patients’ prefer. Some people will likely take over the counter medication because it is easy to find. Over the counter or OTC is easy to get because you don’t need any prescription from doctor. You can buy it in the drug store and they will not prohibit you. As long as you buy the right medication and consume it with the right dose, it is alright.

Over The Counter Medication For Insomnia

The common medication for people is the over the counter medication or OTC. They can get it easily and it can also give a quick treatment for insomnia. The most popular medicine as the best over the counter sleep aid for insomnia is the antihistamine. This medicine is safe to consume and you can purchase them without prescription. Even it gives a benefit, taking too much antihistamine is not good. This medicine will cause a sleepiness, that’s why it is good for people with insomnia.  

Another medicine is zolpidem. This medicine needs a prescription from doctor. It will help people to sleep or for people who wake up in the mid night regularly. You can buy this with the name of Edluar, Ambien, and Intermezzo. This medicine will help also to fall asleep longer than usual.

What is the best sleeping pill for insomnia? the answer maybe this Zaleplon or Sonata. It is a new medicine that will give an active ingredients for the body. The active content will help people to stay asleep. This medicine will not cause the drowsiness in the next day. So, you can get your energy back and get to your daily routine with spirit.

Medication for insomnia that will commonly find is the Doxepine. This medicine will help people to sleep 7 up to 8 hours. This medicine works by blocking the histamine to be active. So, people can stay asleep in the night.

The best over the counter sleep aids for insomnia is the Eszopiclone or Lunesta. Lunesta will help people to quickly fall asleep. This is a strong medicine and people cannot get more than 1 mg for one day.

Natural Medication For Insomnia

Some people also don’t like to have such over the counter medication. They believe that medicine can give the bad impact for their body. As the alternative, they tend to choose natural remedies and natural medication. There are some herbs and medicines that believe to cure insomnia.

The first is melatonin. Melatonin is the kind of hormone that is originally produced by our brain. This melatonin has function to make people falling asleep. And it can also help people with insomnia. How much melatonin should I take for insomnia will depend on the doctor prescription. Melatonin will work really well for someone who get insomnia because of shifting work. This is also safe when you don’t consume it for a long period.

Another alternative is valerian. Valerian is also natural remedies for insomnia. It is same as melatonin and how much valerian root to take for insomnia will depend on the need. Commonly people will take only once for the sleep problem. These herbs can be used for a short term medication only. So, the medication even if it is herbs and natural, you cannot consume it regularly. Our body have its own way to recover from the illness and have immune system to fight the virus.

Medication for insomnia will work best when it is suitable for the person. Whether it is OTC or natural medication, it doesn’t matter as long as it gives benefit. The important thing to do is to keep healthy lifestyle and avoid the bad habit.