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Just in case you want to know my snoring solution, it’s important to figure out what has caused yours. Snoring occurs when the air has difficulty passing through the airways, so it creates a vibration or a rattling sound. That sound is what we hear as snoring.

Snoring may not be a big deal if you live alone. However, if you live with others, the rattle sound can bother them. Therefore, you should find out why it happens and find the right solution. Here are a few things you can do to get rid of the problem:

My Snoring Solution

Change the way you sleep

This condition commonly occurs to people who like to sleep on their backs. Sleeping in this position makes the muscles in the throat relax. Besides, the tongue may also fall back into the back of the throat. This will result in a blockage, and the air will no longer be able to pass through effortlessly. To solve the issue, you should sleep sideways. This is helpful for keeping the airways open. Don’t forget to put your head on a pillow to keep your spine properly aligned.

Lose weight: My Snoring Solution

Exercise may also help especially for snorers who happen to be overweight. You may have noticed that you started to snore just recently as you put on more weight. Well, it makes sense because overweight people have more fat tissue in the neck area. This could narrow the airways. If you never had this problem when you were slimmer, then solving it may be as easy as returning to your previous body shape. Well, it may not be that easy, but exercise will help with that a lot.

Exercise the throat muscles

You can also exercise the throat muscles to get rid of the issue. Keep in mind that a lack of muscle contraction is the reason of snoring during sleep. You need to strengthen the muscles especially those that make up the neck. Here are a few exercises you can try. First, close your mouth and then purse the lips for about 30 seconds. And then mention all the vowels with each taking around 30 seconds.

Open the mouth until you can feel a stretch. You should also move your lower jaw sideways. Do this for about 1 minute. Another part you need to move is the tongue. Make the tip touch the front teeth with a bit power. And then move it backwards until it reaches the soft palate. Move it back and forth for like 2 minutes or more until you can feel the effect of stretching.