Narcolepsy Diagnosis

This Is Important To Know Narcolepsy Diagnosis, Check Here!

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You need to know more about narcolepsy diagnosis. In order to get information how to solve it. Some of you probably ever or now are feeling trouble in your sleep. If you feel you don’t run a routine sleep or sudden sleep, you probably get narcolepsy disease. Well, what is narcolepsy?

You should know that even though it’s only sleep disorder, it’ll really make you frustrated. You need to care your body. First of all, Narcolepsy itself is one of sleep disorders. Nervous or anxiety feeling are the cause.  This disorder will influence people’s sleep almost every day. That’s why the patient will get difficulty in reaching regular sleep.

How do you get narcolepsy? This condition occurs when the sufferer is easy to feel asleep in afternoon and fall asleep in anytime and anywhere. So, how to diagnose that you get narcolepsy? Furthermore, see the explanation below! You will also get the information about the cause and symptoms.

The symptoms of Narcolepsy

For those who has this disorder or who are closer to them should know the symptoms of Narcolepsy. What are they? Actually the key symptom of narcolepsy is easy to sign. Above all the sleep can appear anytime to someone suddenly and as long as the years come. They will be progressing. Here are the general symptoms usually happen:

  • Feeling over sleepy in midday or afternoon
  • Getting sleep disorder such as sudden sleep or falling asleep everywhere
  • Cataplexy or the
  • Getting sleep paralysis (the condition when the sufferers can’t motion their body when sleeping)
  • Hallucination
  • Remembering disorder
  • Headache
  • The legs feel weak
  • Double vision
  • Limp head and down jaw
  • Slurred speech
  • Depression

People with narcolepsy how do they live normal lives? Some processes of antimony which indicate people to get narcolepsy disorder. They will live normal but may have different way to live. The suffers get reaction to hormone change (menopause condition), stress, the change of sleep habit, infection, and heredity disorder.

Narcolepsy Diagnosis You Must Know

For the first step of diagnosis, the doctor will check the history of sufferer and family’s health. After that the doctor will ask the sleep habit of the sufferer and the symptoms she or he felt. In this condition, doctor will check the sufferer’s physical. Then, doctor will do for detail checking by using several methods for severity level detection. The methods mentioned before are below:

1. Epworth Sleepiness Scale (ESS)

This method uses questionnaire for the patients to make sure that they are suffered this disease or not. Firstly, he will evaluate the possibility of the patient’s sleep when doing some different activities. The activities suggested are sitting, reading, or watching Television. The doctor can conclude that his patient is getting narcolepsy is by seeing how big the questionnaire value.

2. Polysomnography

In this method, the doctor will monitor the electric activity of patients’ organs to see the movement. The organs are brain, hearth, muscle, and eyes are the subject. 

After that, the doctor will  put an electrode in patients’ body, while the patients is sleeping.

3. Multiple Sleep Latency Test (MLST)

By doing this method, doctor will know how long time needed by the patients to fall asleep in the midday. To do this method, the doctor will ask the patient to sleep in midday for several times.

Then, the doctor can measure the length of time patients sleep and also the sleep phase too Narcolepsy. As the result, it shows that the patient is easier to sleep. In other hand, the patient will have rapid eye movement.

4. Measurement hypocrite level

Checking the hypocrite grade is necessary. In this method, the doctor will use brain liquid sample and cerebrospinal liquid. The liquid taken has passed lumbar puncture procedure.

Until now, no one finds the medicine to treat this disorder. But, for the patients can consume stimulants. Therefore, the frequency of narcolepsy can be reduced by antidepressants. That’s all the explanation about narcolepsy diagnosis.