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History of Narcolepsy Meaning on Young Children

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Narcolepsy meaning has various definitions but it rather assumes to be a chronic sleep disorder. This sleep disorder contains the symptoms of EDS or excessive daytime sleepiness, hypnagogic hallucination and also cataplexy. The main symptom of this sleep disorder is the EDS. It should be last more than 3 months to get the right diagnosis of narcolepsy.

The History of Narcolepsy Meaning

can places of employment discriminate if i have narcolepsy

Getting a drowsy feeling is something usual and it is a normal experience that many people can have. It is a normal cycle of human life after a long wakefulness. For healthy and normal people, the sleepiness will occur when they feel bored or in sedentary situation. Some will happen during their time watching TV or movies. But, when a person has narcolepsy, the sleepiness will occur not only in boring time but also in normal time. For example, someone with narcolepsy will fall asleep when they are driving, talking to friends, or even eating. The normal activity they do cannot prevent the occurrence of drowsiness even it is activity that requires lots of attention.

Narcolepsy meaning will lead for some people to claim that “i can’t live alone because of narcolepsy with cataplexy”. Why they think like that? It is all because they cannot get a wakefulness since they have narcolepsy. They need another people to accompany them and even watch them to do their activity. When people have sleepiness and it relates to narcolepsy and it occurs constantly, it means that the illness is severe. They may also experience a sleep attack in which they don’t get any alert when falling asleep.

People with narcolepsy will have a really short naps during the day. However, it can be their most refreshed time. They will also get a dream during their daytime sleeping. Even though they get a very tight and nice sleep at daytime, they will get difficulties in the night. The trouble comes when they try to sleep at night. There will be some things that will occur such as nocturnal behavior, nocturnal smoking, and eating disorder. Another feature of narcolepsy is obesity. Some people wondering that can you join the military if you have narcolepsy? And the answer is no. because a military needs to have a proportional weight. Obesity is one of the development symptom of narcolepsy.

Narcolepsy Meaning for Young Children

Another case for young children with narcolepsy. It will happen when they are too active with the high activity. An over activity for kids is not good as well. Not only that, but also the emotional liability and inattentiveness can also be the cause. What will happen as the signs of this narcolepsy? There are some signs that parents should aware. One of them is the sleep disturbance. This is the sign when the kids have narcolepsy with cataplexy.

Another sign is the motor disturbance. This is also one of the confusing sign because it can be active and also negative. The signs and symptoms will occur based on the age of the kids. If the young kids, no more than 5 years old, they might experience some drop attacks. They will be more often to fall without any sign, they will also get an irritability suddenly, and also some aggressive behaviors. It can be also influenced them to drop any object nearby them. For children with the age more than 5 years, the symptoms are varied. They will get repetitive sleepiness at school, aggressive behavior, and difficult to follow morning activity at school.

Narcolepsy meaning will also affect to adult and it also make them desperate. Some companies don’t want to hire them because of this unique and unusual behavior. But above all, they have to believe in yourself and say that no one can places of employment discriminate if i have narcolepsy.