Nasal Congestion Sprays Provide Relief for a Stuffy Nose

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There’s nothing to worry about nasal congestion as it’s the body’s natural response to irritation. When the body identifies something potentially dangerous coming in, like a virus, inflammation will occur as a way to fight the invader. The virus may not be dangerous even if it managed to evade the line of defense, but the body has learned to stay cautious to any kind of potential threat.

What triggers nasal congestion?

Viruses are a common cause of nasal congestion. When someone has the flu, he may as well experience this additional symptom because the body is doing its job to eliminate the infection. The inflammation is also often followed by increased mucus production in the nose. That’s why it feels stuffy and you have trouble breathing.

In some cases, nasal congestion may also be caused by allergens or irritants. Some people develop high sensitivity to things like dust or pollens. They will have a stuffy nose whenever these things are around.

Nasal Congestion Sprays

Nasal congestion sprays

There are some treatment choices for stuffy nose, including nasal sprays. These sprays contain substances that can provide quick relief to inflammation. Some are available over the counter, so no prescriptions are required to get them. After buying one from a local drugstore, please read the instructions for use. Most usually require you to spray into the nose and the chemicals will be absorbed shortly after.

Types of nasal sprays

Since there are a few types of nasal sprays, you need to figure out the difference. There’s one made of saltwater solution, also known as a saline nasal spray. This can be used to clear stuffy nose caused by viruses and bacteria. Use this whenever you feel the presence of an irritant in the nose. Decongestant sprays are another popular type. They contain chemicals that can constrict blood vessels.

Although effective, many people warn about the side effects, such as dependency. An addiction to nasal sprays may sound strange, but it happens. This is when the body needs a repeated use of a nasal spray when the effect has worn off. This condition is referred to as a rebound effect. Besides the aforementioned ones, there are also antihistamine and steroid sprays.

Using a nasal spray

Make sure your hands clean before opening the bottle. Also, blow your nose to drain extra mucus in the nostrils. You’d want most of the compounds to reach the blood vessels. Tilt your head forward and then press one nostril with your fingers. Meanwhile, the tip of the bottle should be positioned right inside the other nostril. Press the spray to squirt the liquid and inhale it. Do the same to the other nostril.