Effective Natural Remedies for Insomnia

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Having insomnia can be exhausting and it can also lead to reduced productivity. Many people with insomnia said that they experienced daytime sleepiness. When we’re drowsy at times when we’re supposed to work, this will surely affect productivity.

Insomnia could be a lifelong condition. Many have tried to cut down on caffeine intake and do other things to solve the problem, but they didn’t work. There are a few natural remedies for insomnia you can try.

Natural Remedies For Insomnia


Relaxing your body and soul should be the first approach considering this therapy doesn’t cause any side effects. Relaxation means lessening tensions in the muscles. To do this, first you have to tense certain muscles like the ones in the hands. After a few seconds, release the tension. Repeat the same to other parts of the body. This practice will bring you peace of mind.

Melatonin supplements

The body produces melatonin, which is why this treatment is considered natural. However, if your body doesn’t produce enough of this hormone, you can get it through supplementation. There are some fun facts about melatonin. Firstly, it serves a function to regulate your circadian rhythm.

Secondly, the concentration in the body increases as it gets late. It keeps rising for a few hours and would peak at around 3 in the morning. Pay attention to the dosage because the strength of a melatonin supplement depends on that. The higher the dose, the quicker it takes effect and the longer it will last.


Aromatherapy is a therapy that utilizes scents to calm the anxious mind. This treatment requires the use of essential oils. Since there are many essential oils with different fragrances and healing compounds, you should pick them wisely. Lavender oil is one of the popular options. It’s extracted from lavender plants and has a high concentration.

The oil is smells so strong in this form. To make it more pleasing to your olfactory sense, dilute it with some water. If you don’t want that, then pour some drops next to the pillow or another area that doesn’t touch your skin directly. There are many other oils with their distinct aroma, such as sandalwood, marjoram, and chamomile.


Many insomnia patients find their symptoms improve after doing exercise regularly. The purpose of this activity is to release the tension from the body, so you don’t feel distressed before bed. While it can help with insomnia, it’s not recommended to exercise close to bedtime. You should do that in the afternoon or in the morning. Simple activities like jogging and swimming are enough.