Effective Ways to Prevent Snoring

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Although snoring seems pretty harmless, your sleep partner can still be bothered by that. Snoring doesn’t necessarily indicate a serious health problem. However, if it’s possible to get rid of this issue, then why not? First of all, figure out the cause of your snoring. Snore is the sound caused by a vibration as the air is passing through the breathing airway. Vibration itself occurs because the air can’t pass through effortlessly. Here are a few things you can do to minimize this occurrence:

Prevent Snoring

Maintain weight

One of the most effective ways to prevent snoring is by controlling your weight. Snoring is very common in overweight people. This is quite telling that fat people are more prone to snoring. Why? They tend to have more fatty tissue in their necks. As a result, the opening of the throat can be restricted. If the air can’t flow through effortlessly, there will be a vibration that we hear as snoring. Weight control isn’t just effective for solving this sleep problem. It’s also beneficial for general health. We’re sure you have heard that overweight people are more susceptible to diseases.

Sleep sideways

This also helps a lot. If your snoring has to do with a poor sleep position, then it can be solved by changing that position. Sleeping on the back increases the chance of snoring. That’s because in this position, the muscles in the throat tend to relax. Besides, the soft palate may also block the airflow. To make it disappear, all you have to do is change to sleeping sideways. By sleeping this way, there won’t be any blockage along the airway. Thus, you won’t snore anymore.

Not drinking

No, it’s not water that you have to avoid, but rather alcohol. Alcohol is known as a muscle relaxant. If you’re a heavy drinker, then there’s a big possibility that you snore during sleep. We didn’t say you have to skip alcohol altogether although it will be terrific for your health. You just need to reduce its consumption and make sure it’s not close to bedtime. Do it at least 4 hours before bed, so that your body has the chance to eliminate its effect.

Nasal dilators

Using a nasal dilator is more like treatment that prevention, but it works either way. This is one of the devices that are effective for reducing snoring. A nasal dilator is inserted into the nostrils and serves to open the nasal passages. When there’s no obstruction while you’re inhaling the air, your chance of snoring will also decrease. There are many different types of nasal dilators on the market. Please buy one that fits in the nose and made of a comfortable material.