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Is Severe Insomnia Different From Common Insomnia?

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Severe insomnia as a sleep disorder is the condition of someone cannot fall asleep after 15-20 minutes lying. It is not only the symptom because there will be another symptoms occurs as the sign of insomnia. Another symptom of insomnia that might occur is often waking up in the mid night, cannot going back to sleep. Some people will also experience waking up earlier in the morning. Then, they will also feel so tired after waking up.

The Effect of Severe Insomnia

The common problem for insomnia people is that I have insomnia what can I do to sleep. The patients look confused, because they cannot fall asleep or going back to sleep. This sign will occur at night and that’s why it causes the tired feeling in the morning. It will also lead to another symptoms like dizziness, irritability, emotional changing, and inattention.  The signs can be common both for the severe and chronic insomnia. Here are few kinds of insomnia that usually happen for some people.

Primary Severe Insomnia

This primary insomnia usually happens to few people. This sleep problem is the sign that someone has no enough time to sleep. It happens not because another health issue. So, it doesn’t have any relation with another sleep disorder.

Secondary Severe insomnia

Severe insomnia can also be the secondary. The secondary insomnia is when someone get the insomnia because of another problem. It generally causes by some health condition. Say someone has an asthma, and they cannot fall asleep. It might the sign that they experience insomnia because asthma. Another health condition that can cause insomnia is depression, cancer, heartburn, and arthritis. Taking such medication will also increase the risk of insomnia and another sleep disorder.

Chronic Severe insomnia

This is an insomnia that happens is such period of time. The duration of this chronic insomnia is longer than another insomnia. Some said that the chronic insomnia can last for about 3 months or more. Sometimes the insomnia comes and goes, so it makes the sufferer confused. The chronic insomnia usually occurs regularly in a week. People might think chronic insomnia is usually rather simple to treat. If you are bothered by insomnia, you might try to get medication from doctor.

Acute Severe insomnia

Acute insomnia is rather similar to chronic but it last only for a month. This is the short term of insomnia. However, it is still bothering for some people because they cannot sleep. People might associate this insomnia with sleep apnea.  The difference between insomnia and apnea is that sleep apnea is the cause of insomnia.

Comorbid Severe insomnia

Comorbid insomnia will happen because of some mental condition. Commonly it will happen because of anxiety and also depression. The change of the mood and emotional will cause the change of the sleep habit. It makes the brain cannot focus on the sleeping because the worry feeling is stronger.

Onset Severe insomnia

Onset insomnia is also one of the insomnia types. Usually, people who like to sleep in the beginning of the night will get this insomnia. It only happens if someone tries to sleep in the beginning of the night.

Maintenance Severe insomnia

Maintenance insomnia is an inability to keep asleep. This is including to insomnia because it bothers people at night. When people have maintenance insomnia, they will wake up in the middle  of the night. And usually it will be hard to return to sleep.

Severe insomnia can disappear by having such remedies. The remedies will help people to find the way how to fall asleep if you have insomnia.