sinus infection symptoms in adults

Sinus Infection Symptoms in Adults That Not Many People Know

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Sinus Infection symptoms in adults, talking about sinus disease, surely most people already know a little about this one respiratory disease. Sinusitis or commonly known as sinus is a condition of inflammation or swelling in the area of ​​tissue that lines the sinuses. Keep in mind that healthy sinus conditions are generally always filled with air. Whereas sinuses that are not in a healthy condition will become clogged or filled with fluid which, if left unchecked, will cause infection on the channel.

What are sinus infection symptoms? If seen medically, sinusitis is usually caused by a virus. This condition can continue to become a bacterium or fungus which can cause a sinus infection. For those of you who often experience sinus problems, especially during the rainy season, it’s good to immediately do an examination if you find symptoms. Therefore it is important to know what symptoms appear in someone who has sinus disease. For more details, the following information will be reviewed about sinus infection symptoms in adult.

What Causes Sinus Infection?

What are a sinus infection symptoms? As has been slightly explained above, sinusitis itself is a condition of swelling or inflammation in the area of ​​sinus tissue caused by a virus. But keep in mind that besides being caused by bacterial and fungal viruses, this sinusitis can also occur due to other conditions such as allergies, nasal polyps and also infections in the teeth. Please note that sinusitis is divided into several types, namely acute sinusitis, sub acute sinus inflammation, symptoms of chronic inflammation and chronic stages.

This type of acute sinusitis usually starts with symptoms such as cough, runny nose, stuffy nose, facial pain and much more. Generally for this type of acute sinusitis lasts for 2 to 4 weeks. Next is the type of sub-acute sinus inflammation that lasts approximately 4 to 12 weeks. While for the chronic stage, the main symptoms are sinusitis which lasts around 12 weeks or more.

Sinus Infection Signs in Adult

sinus infection symptoms in adults
Sinus infection symptoms in adults

If traced deeper, there are actually many symptoms that arise from sinus infection. Generally these symptoms occur both in acute and chronic sinus conditions. Here are some sinus infections in adults, among others

  1. Pain in Sinus
    The first symptom or sign that you can see when experiencing sinusitis is pain in the sinuses. Keep in mind that pain is one of the symptoms commonly felt when a person experiences sinusitis. As is known that humans have several different sinuses above and below the eyes and behind the nose. All these parts will feel pain when you have a sinus infection. When the sinuses are in pain, you will feel pain in the forehead, two sides of the nose, jaw, upper teeth and headache.
  1. Nose discharge
    The next sign or symptom that you can feel when you have a sinus infection is that fluid often comes out from the nose. The fluid that comes out of the nose can be cloudy, yellow or green. Then where does the liquid come from? The cloudy liquid comes from an infected sinus which then flows through your nasal passages.
  1. Stuffy Nose
    The condition of nasal congestion is one sign that is often experienced by sufferers of sinusitis. Inflamed sinus condition without realizing it also limits the ability to breathe through the nose. Infection that occurs in the sinuses will cause swelling of the sinuses and also your nasal passages. In this condition, you certainly will not be able to smell or taste as usual. The sound that comes out of your mouth will sound a little more hoarse than usual. So for those of you who have this one symptom and don’t get better you should immediately check with your doctor.
  1. Headaches
    One more sign or symptom that is often experienced by sufferers of sinusitis is frequent headaches. This happens because the swelling of the sinuses can trigger the pressure that makes your head hurt. In addition, sinus pain can also make you feel toothache, sinus infection symptoms in adults teeth is generally occurs. Other feelings are ear pain, and also pain in the upper range and cheeks. Generally, the pain will appear in the morning.

So little information about some of the causes and symptoms that are often experienced by those who have sinusitis. If you find the above signs in yourself there is nothing wrong if you immediately do an examination on your trust doctor. Hopefully information about sinus infection symptoms in adults can be able to help and educate you in the future.